Celebrating Nedbank’s Spotlight on Blind Loyalty Challenge with Amanda Cromhout

We are thrilled to witness our esteemed client, Nedbank, take center stage in the recent Blind Loyalty Challenge. Hosted by Amanda Cromhout, a legend in the customer loyalty field, the interview featured Dharmesh Bhana, Nedbank’s Executive of Loyalty Rewards.

The Blind Loyalty Challenge is an engaging format where guests answer questions spontaneously, without prior preparation. During his conversation with Amanda, Dharmesh delved into topics ranging from loyalty partnerships to key performance indicators and the effective integration of gamification in loyalty programs.

Dharmesh Bhana's recognition of Nedbank's Greenbacks loyalty program speaks volumes about our collaborative efforts in reshaping loyalty experiences. Comarch has had the privilege of supporting Nedbank in revitalizing Greenbacks, enriching it with compelling rewards and new incentives that deeply resonate with customers.

One notable insight from Dharmesh was the challenge of capturing customers' attention in an era marked by remarkably short attention spans. To address this, brands must develop loyalty programs that are intuitive and offer exceptional customer experiences. A well-crafted, user-friendly UX is the foundation for incorporating gamification elements into loyalty programs, guiding users toward advancement and rewards, just like a motivating "carrot on a stick."

As we reflect on this interview, Comarch remains committed to supporting Nedbank in propelling the Greenbacks loyalty program to new heights of success. We stand proudly alongside Nedbank as they continue to leverage innovation in loyalty marketing.

Eager to further explore Dharmesh's insights? Watch the full interview with Amanda here: 

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