The Supreme Association of Gamification and the Internet Of Things (IoT)

It is not a secret, that in the era of the technological prime building a meaningful and solid customer relationship is exceptionally challenging and requires a plethora of constantly cultivated and strategically synchronised actions. Although the opportunities that arise with the IT development are especially prospective, the key to the business success is not necessarily the sole implementation of a certain novelty- but the ability to wisely select it in conjunction with other already utilised tools and  adjust it according to the specific objectives. At Comarch we specialize in innovative loyalty solutions  that provide a comprehensive customer oriented approach supported by not only the newest technology but also by the knowledge from diverse fields to maximise the market impact.

The Essence

An amazing example of a powerful merge of the expertise from different areas can be found in our Gamification module which is a fusion of the state-of-the-art tools and loyalty business background with the knowledge of social sciences. It resulted in establishing a scheme that applies game-like scenarios in non-game environment to evoke positive emotions derived from human inclination towards rivalry, in order to achieve an enriched customer experience. The Friends-Fun-Feedback combination creates an authentic engagement and leads to gaining long-term loyalty through challenges, badges, tasks and rankings.

If Gamification is wisely planned and professionally executed with business oriented goals, implementing this strategy can be extremely effective. Boosting the engagement by improving brand recognition, driving more conversions, increasing the interactions can reflect in higher revenue and bigger market influence. These are just a few of the success factors that can be achieved with this method and our project with JetBlue Airways and its impressive outcome can serve as a perfect demonstration of that.

New Approach

Nowadays with the rapidly growing presence of smart technologies and consequently the changes that it makes in customers’ lifestyle and perception, the biggest success will be reached by the companies that will adapt their tactics the best to these dynamic circumstances. For gamification specifically, it can not only mean avoiding stagnation but it can actually be an ideal opportunity to thrive and utilise the full potential. The reason why the interconnected space of the IoT can bring Gamification to another level is because it does not restrict it to the specific place or website, but allows for integrating it with the everyday life and associating it with usual habits thus building continued and genuine engagement. Beacons, which are an intrinsic part of IoT, enable real-time and location-based  interaction, making the process more involving. Since they are able to gather and analyse data, they can tailor the gamification related matters (tasks, rewards etc.) to customers’ preferences and their behavioural profiles.

Our Direction

Comarch as an accomplished specialist is aware of these mechanisms, therefore we already infused our offer with adequate components. For instance, our Smart City product allows for incorporating the gamification structure to create even more enjoyable and engaged citizenship. Since this system can be applied to various spaces, gamification can be blended within the daily surroundings and regular activities forming natural connection, thus conjoining these strategies can accelerate the performance of loyalty programs by bringing advantages both for consumers as well as partners. Smart technology opens new perspective for the future of loyalty industry and we pride ourselves on the ability of translating it into efficient solutions.

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