In-store Application

In the era of smartphone invasion with almost 180 million worldwide mobile application downloads[1], we can see a tangible proof that their utility is not necessarily limited to entertainment and appropriable purposes but that they can also be widely utilised in the business sector.

Smart solution

Comarch, as a strong advocate of chronic improvement, is accommodating to those circumstances by introducing a new feature for loyalty management purposes: In-store application. This easy to use, efficient tool reinvents coordination with loyalty programme partners by facilitating the system integration process.

Easy access

The application is designated to be used by the affiliate retail (or optionally other service) partners who are associated with the loyalty programme, but are not directly synchronized with the POS setup. Cashiers can use the app through tablet devices and are able to instantly connect with the system and handle the required services.

Versatile features

The operations that are available through the application are not only connected with the accrual, redemption and quick enrollment features, but also with gathering crucial data such as customer ID, time of transaction, exact venue ID (including brand and category). Furthermore, the application processes a total value of transaction, issued and redeemed points and also collects cashier information (such as ID and  issued points).

 Simple integration

The major asset of this solution is the potential for accelerated partnership growth. Bypassing the need for any additional synchronization with the POS system, thus cutting down the time and effort of its implementation, makes the programme automatically more appealing and attainable for retailers. Incorporating more affiliates directly reflects in overall, mutual profitability.

In-store application is a condensed form of loyalty programme management that encapsulates its crucial functionalities in a convenient manner, which makes for an excellent  representation of Comarch ‘s maximum business efficacy approach.




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