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We are living in the extraordinary times when futuristic ideas such as communication between inanimate objects are no longer just visionary concepts but materialize through the revolutionary Internet of Things technology. This remarkable innovation envisions the interconnection of devices that will gradually permeate various aspects of our everyday life.


A prime representation of this phenomenon is the rise of beacon technology. These small but mighty transmitters manage to identify, connect and exchange data with the nearby smartphone equipped with the adequate application, even indoors by utilising micro-location system. This invention sheds a completely new light on reaching, engaging and influencing the customer, not only by adding an array of brand new marketing opportunities, but also by redefining the relationship and revealing splendid prospects of wider communication.


The main advantage of beacons is the fact that they exceed the capabilities of traditional personalized communication. The information they send to the approaching customer are not only based on the preferences from data gathered before but most importantly, they are real time and location based. Contextual character of the contact creates precisely targeted and much more powerful message increasing the chances of successful outcome. Moreover, the indoor navigation option enhances the customer experience and can be a significant market differentiator.

Our offer

As a leader of technology innovation, Comarch always puts the emphasis on keeping up with the changing world. Therefore, we made sure to implement beacon technology into our range of products to provide our customers with the best tools to stand out on the market.

Stay tuned for more information about the amazing marketing potential of Comarch Beacons in our Loyalty solutions!

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