Comarch – A Leader In Automated Standards Certification Systems Development

Did you know that Comarch is considered to play a leading role in automated certification systems development? Thanks to years of experience and many lessons learned during each implemented project, we now bring expert testing tools to customers all around the world.

Certification organizations and their member companies are often in need of faster, digital and cloud-based testing models that can help them optimize the certification process. Thus, they require the assistance of an experienced partner along with a comprehensive, easy and ready to apply solution that allows the test tool to be adapted to their own specifications. The perfect example of such a product is Comarch Automated Test Framework.

Comarch has many years of experience in partnering with various key standards certification stakeholders. Our professional teams cooperate with standards organizations, member companies, vendors, contractors, and authorized testing laboratories (ATLs), which results in full development, implementation and management of certification tests. 

According to Radosław Kotewicz, Comarch’s IoT Sales and Consulting Director, the process of developing an automated standards certification system is ”demanding, complex, and we know it by heart”, which only proves that Comarch’s experience in that matter can be considered, indeed, leading on the certification market.

If you’d like to discover more about Comarch’s experience in working with certification organizations, about CATF and its role in the certification process, and learn many other intriguing insights from Radosław Kotewicz, we invite you to read the latest article on IEEE Spectrum.

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Additionally, we recommend you watch the lately released CATF demo if you wish to see the tool in operation and hear more about its benefits.

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