Process management

The module enables configuration of processes for any business area. Its intuitive graphic editor was designed and developed for business users and does not need any expert IT knowledge to use it. A short training, offered within the implementation, is all that is required to start using the tool.

The graphical process editor supports, among others:

  • assignment of specific tasks to users/process roles
  • definition of timeouts for human tasks or processes (maximum time to perform a given task)
  • generation of information and alerts to users about exceeding the time allowed for a task
  • logging all activities during the process (who, when and what was changed in the process)
  • validation of the correctness of the process

Form management

One of the key elements of Comarch Loan Origination is the ability to define and manage user input forms. The module complements the process management functionality as the forms are completed by end-users at various stages of the credit process.

Selected areas covered by the orm management module are:

  • definition of questions and answers (field types and context)
  • assignment of default values to answers
  • adding descriptive information to each question (question tips)
  • check-list configuration (documents required from the client)
  • graphical layout management

Printout management

The module covers such functions as:

  • configuration of new templates and modification of existing ones
  • testing (possibility of filling out the gaps and testing the printout without starting a process)
  • adding business rules (e.g. additional clauses appear for selected products, the paragraphs are appropriately enumerated)
  • generation of printouts with completed bookmarks in the MS Word or PDF format
  • multiple print copies of the documentation from current or archived processes

Document repository


The module contains defined algorithms to generate a list of documents (document check-list), which should be provided by the customer. The list depends on bank-specified parameters, e.g. product type, requested amount, type of income.
For each position on the check-list, the module allows to attach digitized documents (as electronic file(s)) and link them to a customer or an application. All attached documents are archived in the repository and are available for searching and viewing by empowered users.



Integration management

The module provides functions that make integration of Comarch Loan Origination with other systems, internal or external, extremely straightforward. It supports configuration of services that can be called from credit process steps. The configuration is done using a graphical interface in a very intuitive way, which makes it possible for non-technical users to carry out tasks that otherwise would need to be performed by programmers.

Scoring / rating

The primary purpose of these modules is to support bank analysts in designing and implementing optimal strategies for assessment of loan applications and credit risk related to a credit decision, and, in a wider scope, to the total debtor base. Usage of the scoring / rating module in a credit application process results in lower credit risk and therefore improves the quality of the entire debt portfolio.
All calculations in both modules based on defined algorithms and data:

  • in different format (numbers, texts, dates, logical values)
  • quantitative (mainly financial data) and qualitative (customer characteristic)
  • from loan origination system and / or other system (both internal and external)

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The collateral module is responsible for management of credit collaterals. In particular, it covers definition of collaterals, registration of collaterals in credit process including debt securing assets, legal form and valuation, as well as registration of collaterals in the bank transactional system. Collateral once registered in the system can be used many times in within the same customer's processes.

User management

The module provides management of user access rights to the system and covers such areas as:

  • user account setup
  • system authentication and authorization of the users
  • security policy management
  • security breach notifications
  • user absence management

Comarch Loan Origination front-end

The CLO front-end provides functionality for end-users of the system. It covers actions that the users perform in the context of business processes as well as tasks not related to these. The front-end constitutes an element whose graphical look-and-feel is usually adjusted to conform to the bank’s corporate identity and/or UX/UI requirements
The CLO front-end covers, among others:

  • Inbox (task mailbox)
  • Detailed information on task history
  • Access to dedicated interfaces (document check-list, knowledge base etc.)
  • Internal communicator / notifications
  • Management panels

Comarch Loan Origination business configuration

This part of the CLO includes features that aim to facilitate the management of the entire system and many of its individual elements. These are primarily universal components that are used by multiple system modules. The most important are:

  • Management of system parameters (dictionaries, matrices)
  • Product policy management (product versioning and product lifetime management)
  • Business rules (validations, algorithms)
  • Multi-language support configuration

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