In June 2010 Intermarche, a part of the Musketeers Group, took serious steps towards improving the exchange of product information with their suppliers.

The fundamental change concerns the electronic flow of data by using the certified electronic catalog that serves the Global Data Synchronisation Network (GDSN).

This is the first supermarket-food industry company in Poland that has set such high standards of efficiency and quality in acquiring basic data.

The main goal is to unify and enhance the quality of product data in the supply chain. The existing method of creating product and service cards generate too much required effort and has often been the cause of  inconsistencies and differences in the data held by those involved in  the sale. The use of IT solutions that can access and receive data from a single point and can also verify this data can help avoid these problems.

This project includes two stages. In the first, suppliers have the opportunity to collect and validate product data in  the catalog cards and generate an electronic product. In the second stage the cards will be eliminated and product data will be collected completely automatically by the internal Intermarché system.

The project will produce an integrated Comarch ECOD SA2 solution for the operator, offered in cooperation with the Polish companies Wordlsync SA2, a provider of directory services as well as  Comarch, the provider of Comarch ECOD Platform.