How to Build Loyalty in the Luxury Sector?

Loyalty programs can be an excellent tool for creating loyal customers. But what if your customers don’t necessarily need them? What if they don’t care about the promotions and discounts most of us hope for when joining a typical rewards scheme? That’s usually the case with clients in the luxury sector – after all, saving up is probably not their biggest concern if they’re buying from the most deluxe brands. Building loyalty in this industry can also be tricky due to the generation gap and the growing importance of experience vs. material things.

To help brands navigate these and many other challenges, Comarch and The Loyalty People have prepared a comprehensive guide to customer loyalty in luxury. It’s a thorough overview of the current industry’s trends and problems, with ready-to-use tips on increasing engagement and creating a truly successful loyalty scheme. Filled with practical knowledge and real-life examples, this whitepaper offers solutions to the most common issues faced by luxury brands and provides insight into why they even happen in the first place.

Download it to learn:

  • Why is brand experience crucial to customer loyalty in the luxury sector?
  • What values are essential to customers in the luxury industry?
  • How to build a loyalty scheme that gives luxury customers a feeling of privilege and exclusivity?
  • Why are tiered benefits a must in the luxury loyalty program?
  • Where is the luxury industry headed?

The report was prepared by Tom Peace, Managing Director at The Loyalty People, and Eliza Gryczka, Comarch Strategist and CLC Product Manager. Combining their knowledge and years of experience with loyalty solutions and marketing consultancy, our experts share their thoughts on the current luxury trends and prove that a customer’s perception of a premium brand can shape a lifetime of loyalty.

The luxury report is the last part of the sector-specific whitepapers that Comarch has been creating with The Loyalty People since the beginning of 2023. Each piece covered loyalty challenges in different industries, including retail, fashion, hospitality, airline, and fuel retail, with input from our respective marketing experts and strategy consultants. We’re happy to present the luxury report as the crowning of our joint efforts. Hope you enjoy it! 

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