Every year, the CRMC conference brings together well-known retail & marketing specialists and industry’s top system and service providers to share ideas and concepts for the future of business automation and customer loyalty solutions. The 2021 Edition is your opportunity to re-engage with a valuable community of peers with a fresh approach to the worldwide challenges we have all faced.

CRMC 2021 will reconnect retail marketers together in a networking and learning setting. Together, we will gain applicable, real-world solutions and strategies, and exchange ideas. Take part and explore the possibilities and offerings through real-world case studies, discussion groups, chats, and more. Focused and curated presentations directly from Retailers and Experts will offer a map of strategies, concepts, and solutions that can be applied directly to your business.

Don’t miss the lounge discussions by our very own Loyalty Specialists - Bindu Gupta and Christopher Sandstrom – who will be conducting presentations on the following topics:

●      Loyalty 2021 and Beyond: Going Back to the Basics

●      10 Tips for Implementing a Customer-Centric Strategy



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