Comarch, a global provider of comprehensive IT solutions, has been developing e-invoicing solutions since 1996. Over 20 years of experience enables Comarch to present a comprehensive vision and ability to execute FatturaPA requirements.


About Comarch e-Invoicing

Comarch e-Invoicing enables the cost-effective handling of entire invoice-related flows. You can rest assured that invoice content is validated and the format converted in the right way. The transmission process is secure, and you have access to detailed information about all statuses. Moreover, you may fully streamline and automate your AP/AR invoice process. Electronic invoicing and VAT compliance are some of the more challenging processes that companies have to deal with. The solution includes support for regulatory requirements – integrity of content, authenticity of origin and legibility assurance – as well as protection of sensitive data and archiving of invoices for the legally required period (data retention policy). Comarch is a GS1 solution partner on the on global level, and participates in the work of the European E-invoicing Service Providers Association (EESPA).


What is changing in Italian Law?

According to the new Italian requirements, all e-invoices should be produced exclusively in the new Fattura XML format (as required by art. 1, paragraph 2 of the Law Decree No. 127/2015) and it is highly recommended to sign them with a digital signature with the aim of guaranteeing the authenticity of the origin of the document, its integrity and its legibility. Moreover, Italian e-invoices must be transmitted through the Sistema di Interscambio – the government e-invoicing platform managed by the Italian Revenue Agency, currently used in Italy to transmit e-invoices to the Public Administration. It is important to highlight that every invoice issued in any other format or not sent in real time through the SdI has no legal value and is a subject to penalties provided for in Article 6 of the Legislative Decree of 18 December 1997 no. 471.


When must your business be ready?

Designed to reduce errors and prevent VAT fraud, mandatory electronic invoicing will be extended to all economic operators in Italy from 1 January 2019. However, for taxpayers operating in certain business sectors, the compulsory e-invoicing regime will be effective starting from the following dates:

  • 1 July 2018 for B2B supplies of gasoline or diesel fuel intended for use as motor fuel (except for the final consumers), and for services rendered by first-level subcontractors under a contract with the PA 
  • 1 September 2018 for invoices issued to non-EU consumers in the field of tax-free shopping (amount above €155).
  • 1 January 2019 for all other transactions between individuals.

Thus, the complexity of the electronic invoicing process consists of Fattura XML issuing, invoice transmission and reception through SdI, and electronic archiving for 10 years.



The new regulations will have a serious impact on entrepreneurs. In order to meet the new e-invoicing process requirements, companies will have to update all services and procedures related to the Fattura XML lifecycle, including issuing invoices, sending them through SdI, and ensuring compliance with digital archiving rules. To help entrepreneurs adopt internal company processes and integrate with their customers and suppliers, Comarch offers a comprehensive e-invoicing service, which is fully compliant with Italian legislation and provides the correct flow of the invoices for Italian taxpayers. 

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