How to Prepare for E-invoicing Obligations in Vietnam

Like many countries around the world, Vietnam is becoming part of the e-invoice revolution. E-invoices in Vietnam will be mandatory from July 1, 2022, for all taxpayers. From that moment, electronic invoices will replace paper ones. The foreseen approach in this country is the clearance model.

The obligation will cover all businesses. The entities will have to issue electronic invoices to buyers, digitally report all their transactions to the tax authority (GDT), and register (on the GDT website) before using electronic invoices in order to gain approval from the General Department of Taxation (GDT). The required data format will be XML – it will be the main e-invoice data format and contains two elements, e-invoice data and digital signature data. Digital signatures will be mandatory as well. It is also worth bearing in mind that electronic invoices must be securely stored for a period of 10 years.

Authorized e-invoicing service provider

In Vietnam, companies must submit electronic invoice data to tax authorities directly or through an authorized e-invoicing service provider.

Comarch is constantly proving to be a reliable, well informed and prepared expert in managing e-invoices. The company is in line with different e-invoicing requirements in many countries, for example Italy (SDI), Poland (KSeF), India (GST System), Saudi Arabia (ZATCA),  and many others. Comarch is also the only European e-invoicing Certified provider in Thailand.



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