Comarch is the Only Certified European Electronic Tax Invoicing Service Provider in Thailand

Comarch is expanding its e-invoicing services to new territories, and the company is now fully compliant with Thailand's e-invoicing requirements. Thanks to that, Comarch has become certified as a data delivery service provider of electronic tax invoicing and receipt by the ETDA and associated with the Thai Revenue Department.

The value of certification

The road to becoming a certified provider was demanding but fruitful. Comarch had to meet specific requirements connected to security and compliance that were further examined by Electronic Transactions Development Agency - the main body responsible for standards and the development, promotion and support of electronic transactions in Thailand. 

Thanks to this certification, Comarch will:

  • Be qualified service the General Director of the Revenue Department in VAT matters regarding the preparation, delivery and storage of electronic tax invoices and electronic receipts
  • Be a part of community recognized by Thai Government as a trusted service and connected to the Revenue Department
  • Provide comprehensive guidance for all Thai organizations on their path to e-invoicing

E-invoicing Rules in Thailand

VAT parties in Thailand can send electronic invoices and receipts on a voluntary basis using the Electronic Invoicing System, developed by the Thai Revenue Department and Electronic Transaction Development Agency (ETDA). The aim is to reduce the national VAT and social security contribution rates and eliminate the necessity of paper-based documents.

The tax authorities will require that every invoice must be electronically authorized by them prior to or during the trading process. This represents a significantly important step in making taxation more efficient for enterprises in Thailand.

For the preparation and storage of electronic invoices and tax receipts, the applicant is required to comply with the regulations of the Revenue Department. These include:

  • Electronic invoices are required to be digitally signed by using a certificate released and approved by the Revenue Department
  • Invoices must be submitted to the Revenue Department in XML format
  • The issuance of electronic invoices in Thailand is allowed under certain conditions that the service provider must be certified by the Revenue Department

Comarch e-invoicing - legal compliance expertise

For years, Comarch has been helping companies from many different industries operating both in countries where e-invoicing has become obligatory (such as France, Thailand, Spain, Germany, Turkey and Italy) and those where such an obligation will only be introduced (e.g. in Poland, Romania).

Comarch is also supporting other countries in being fully compliant with e-Invoicing regulations. Check what changes will come in June to the Philippines and Vietnam and how Comarch can help.


About the Author

Vincenzo Cirillo
Business Solutions Manager, Comarch

Vincenzo Cirillo leads global Documents Management & Data Exchange solutions at Comarch, drawing on his extensive experience in the supply chain and automotive industry in several countries. He has developed a passion for enabling digital business.

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