CDI for Health Insurance

What is Comarch Digital Insurance for Health Insurance?

Smoothly sale health policies with a tool for agents, brokers and back-office employees.

This software for health insurance companies gathers all the necessary tools and documents in one place so that the only thing that distributors have to think about is customer acquiring and service efficiency.

Health insurance software solution is also a common workplace for the rest of the employees who support sales, i.e. medical underwriters, managers, etc.


You can have this software in the cloud!

What are the benefits of Comarch Digital Insurance for Health Insurance?


Speed for agents

  • in the preparation of the offers
  • in issuing and making policies
  • in payments

Ease for users

Ease for users

  • in collecting the required documentation
  • in granting underwriter’s approval 
  • in filing claims


Flexibility in management

  • in parameters of the insurance products
  • in changing the algorithm of the pricing model
  • in ensuring documents are up-to-date with the law

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How does Comarch Digital Insurance for Health Insurance work?

get start with your needs

Get start with your needs

Start the process with a needs analysis to recognize the client’s situation and expectations professionally. This step can also be performed at any time during the sales process in health insurance software.


Do the formalities smoothly

All the necessary data is collected in electronic forms which are then analyzed and used to automatically generate offers, proposals and other documentation. The documents can be delivered to the recipient electronically in health insurance software and stored in one place for easy and quick access.

medical underwriting

Medical underwriting in place

The times of long waiting for an underwriter's decision are over. Tasks for back-office employees are created automatically in the same system where medical assessments are made and binding decisions issued. The user can monitor the flow of necessary information and documents on an ongoing basis in health insurance software. 

Policy is just the beginning

Policy is just the beginning

The moment the policy is issued is just the beginning. A key period begins for you, which determines whether the client will stay with you for longer. Don't let policy changes take too long. Each new version is saved and you can always check historical data. Control payments and settlements. And when the client decides to resign from the changes or terminate the policy, you will do so in the same system — in the health insurance software.

Claims are the moment of truth

Claims are the moment of truth

Comarch Digital Insurance is integrated with Comarch Insurance Claims, where claims are handled quickly and easily. All the necessary data is exchanged in software for health insurance companies.

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What problems can Comarch Digital Insurance for Health Insurance solve?


How do we support you during the implementation of Comarch Digital Insurance for Health Insurance?

  • 1. On the pre-implementation stage:

    • we share our know-how with you,
    • we plan the scope and the schedule of the project according to your needs, 
    • we advise the most suitable architecture in line with the latest trends, etc.
  • 2. On the implementation stage: 

    • we create a back-log and adapt it to you, 
    • we plan and monitor the results of the work, 
    • we try to deliver the business value before the end of the project, etc.
  • 3. On the post-project stage: 

    • we offer technical support for many years, 
    • we train and deliver instructional videos and documentation about the ready software for health insurance, 
    • we offer upgrades, etc.

    What can you expect during the implementation of Comarch Digital Insurance for Health Insurance?


    What are the benefits of working with us?

    • We are an experienced team with an extensive design portfolio.
    • We produce software for the biggest players in multiple industries.
    • We operate all over the world.
    • We are financially more than stable.
    • We support you even before the project starts and long after its completion.

    Business lines supported by our software

    Comarch Digital Insurance users


    Distributors like agents, brokers, intermediaries, or insurer’s employees all have access to the application with more advanced features.

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    Business administrators

    Business administrator can configure the parameters, business rules, premium calculation, rights, roles in organizational structure, and have the possibility to change or adjust your products in the software if needed.

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    End-clients who are using their application from time to time will be glad with a wide range of easy-to-use functions and the possibility to buy a policy online.

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