CDI for Business Administrators

Flexibility for business administrators

The business administrator has access to a dedicated application, which is part of Comarch Digital Insurance software, to flexibly manage the frequently changing parameters in the product definitions, as well as language versions and glossaries, rights and roles or organizational structures. These editable parameters will make your insurance administration faster and more convenient.

The administrator can flexibly modify parameters in the insurance product definition to shape the offer, and dynamically answer market needs or manage rights and roles for employees when required.

digital insurance for business administrators

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Give the user the access to insurance administration and create a list of items which will be reused in the application. They can be extended and modified at any time to be used in the application immediately.

Where to use dictionaries? Examples:

  • List of values (countries, payment methods, etc.)
  • General parameters (insurance clauses, document types, etc.)
  • Questionnaire definitions (needs analysis, risk profile survey, etc.)


Create new language versions of the application, add and modify items. Use the insurance administration possibilities to adjust the application to a conventional terminology used at your company.

You can translate:

  • field names in new insurance products
  • selected form fields
  • static texts
  • labels and application messages

Rights and roles

Assign rights and roles that are crucial in the value chain of insurance administration. These are given in the Business Administrator application and can be used for a particular function in the Distributor Application (e.g.: access to part of the menu or specific button). Every user account in the application has particular role or roles. Every role has assigned a right or rights.

rights and roles

Product definition

Define and manage insurance product definitions. Simplify the insurance administration by defining a product on two levels:

  • Product definition data level – consisting of: dictionaries, products and insurance covers with parameters and business rules to configure business aspects of the product.
  • Technical level – consisting of front-end forms and back-end algorithms.
product definition

Business rules

Configure business rules: decision tables with conditions to be checked by the software and output data for further processing. They are used in the following areas:

  • In product definition – for tariffs and risk tables, insurance terms and conditions, coefficients, and product availability data. Rules are used for calculations (premiums, fees) in groovy scripts or front-end forms
  • In underwriting – in questionnaires for automatic decision making
  • In processes – for checklist verification or decision table, which allows you to check if all required document are delivered in different cases
business rules

Document templates

Create easily modifiable document templates.

The typical use cases for the templates are:

  • Customization of the outgoing document content (printouts and emails)
  • Keeping formal documents up to date (global terms & conditions, key information documents, etc.) – simple storage for static documents: email attachments, links to documents displayed in a browser
document templates


Define additional attributes for selected objects like companies, clients, employees or organizational units.

It’s typically used to:

  • Customize built-in components
  • Extend available information about objects (companies, clients, employees, organizational units)
  • Add data for temporary needs, such as marketing ones

Comarch Digital Insurance applications



Distributors like agents, brokers, intermediaries or insurer’s employees all have access to the application with more advanced features.

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Distributors Mobile

Distributors Mobile App

Distributors Mobile App is an add-on to Comarch Digital Insurance, fully integrated with the web application.

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Clients who are using their application from time to time will be glad with a wide range of easy-to-use functions and the possibility to buy a policy online.

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