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Distributor Mobile App

What is the Distributor Mobile App?

Distributor Mobile App is:

  • an add-on to Comarch Digital Insurance, fully integrated with the web application,
  • an additional channel to access selected functionalities of the web application,
  • an application for everyday activities for insurance distributors, such as agents, brokers, and sales managers.

Distributor Mobile App is based on the framework Flutter, and is available on iOS 11+ and Android 6.

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Why users need Distributor Mobile App?

The application was created for insurance agents, brokers, and sales managers to make improve the insurance system to be faster and easier. The application is always at hand on their smartphone and can replace multiple other applications that distributors use on a daily basis (meeting calendars, to-do lists, task delegation, etc.). The application has the most necessary functionalities to enable high-quality client service and efficient tasks performing – all in one place, safe and comfortable. It’s a very useful and practical tool for everyday work. Distributor Mobile App can help insurers build even stronger relationships with distributors and clients.

Distributor Mobile App be useful

When can Distributor Mobile App be useful? 

This insurance agent, brokers, and sales managers mobile application can be used virtually anywhere at any time, without the need for turning on the computer and looking for a place to work. Checking the details of the offer, finding client contact details, saving details of the appointment, taking notes from the conversation with the client, and many others can be done mobile while stuck in traffic, waiting in line, going by taxi or train, etc. That means the application maximizes productivity, manageability, and flexibility in performing daily duties.

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Distributor Mobile App

What problems can Distributor Mobile App solve?

The Mobile App is able to

How can you empower your distributors with Distributor Mobile App?

general use

General use

The application is designed for insurance agents, brokers, and sales managers to allow them to search for items and check their details using several selected filters.

The selected action can be performed in the mobile application and the results will be available at once in the web application.



You can quickly enter the list of actions and to-do tasks assigned to users in the mobile application.

Moreover, the list of the last updated sales is presented to give easy access to the most recent cases.


Tasks and actions management

You can schedule contacts with the clients, write down results, and delegate specific tasks to other app users.

In some cases, the system itself generates actions, e.g. offer acceptance and automatically assigning it to users for final acceptance.

You can filter and view all the tasks and activities that you have access to.


Client management

You have easy access to the 360-degree client view in the application showing the most important information:

  • client data (e.g. name, country, address, Tax ID) and contact information
  • sales
  • policies
  • actions
  • contact persons

The mobile application allows insurance agent, brokers, and sales managers to quickly contact the client by clicking on contact details. You have the option of adding a new client to the application. The application allows you to filter and view the client that the distributor can see.

sales management

Sales management

The application for insurance agents, brokers, and sales managers supports the sales overview by presenting standard information related to the sales process, including: 

  • sales details – e.g. client, product, dates
  • contact persons
  • notes
  • variants of offer
  • actions 

actions, clients, sales

You can check the mobile application and try it on the meeting with us!

What can you gain thanks to Distributor Mobile App?



  • in scheduling meetings and tasks
  • in contacting clients



  • in accessing data, especially when traveling
  • in searching for data, tasks, clients



  • in adding data, tasks, clients
  • in delegating tasks to other users



  • in use thanks to the user-friendly interface
  • in managing own and team activities

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Distributors like agents, brokers, intermediaries or insurer’s employees all have access to the application with more advanced features.

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Business administrators

Business administrator

Business administrator can configure the parameters, business rules, premium calculation, rights, roles in organizational structure, and have the possibility to change or adjust your products in the software if needed.

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Clients who are using their application from time to time will be glad with a wide range of easy-to-use functions and the possibility to buy a policy online.

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