CDI for life insurance

Comarch Digital Insurance is a front-office solution with numerous facilities for: insurance distributors, business administrators and end-clients. It allows you to advance the digital transformation at your company, with particular focus on life insurance. It improves your needs analysis, quotation and issuing policy as well as after sales operations.

CDI users

CDI users

What needs do we satisfy?

Understanding your clients’ needs

Have your distributors run preliminary needs analysis. Define  client life quality and find potential areas of purchase interest.

This allows your distributors to select protections and provides the sum of protection according to the recommended areas of interest. With the automatic calculation and estimation of the sum insured, every process will be smooth. The sum of protection can be changed manually too

understanding your client

Personalized storylines supporting sales process

Give your agents and brokers access to storylines and other marketing materials about policies in one place to easily convince your clients to purchase a life policy

The storyline examples are available in the life insurance software for the agent, and with every  client, the agent can choose a storyline that fits the profile best. The examples talk about possible events that might happen where the insurance policy would prove to be beneficial.

personalized storylines

Coverage of the full sales process

Handle various types of sales processes in one software for life insurance agent. Every process can have different steps for different  client types.

  • Prospect
  • Needs analysis
  • Opportunities
  • Offer
  • Proposal
  • Underwriting

This allows you not to worry about losing the sales process data. Once started, a sales process can be stopped at any time by the agent and all the entered data will be saved in the  client view.


Online quotations anywhere

Quickly deliver life insurance quotations, through the automatic data entry from previously completed needs analyses.

The available covers, extra risks or the sum insured can be modified in our software for life insurance agent. The covers include:

  • Pension or savings endowment
  • Life insurance (term)
  • Critical illness
  • Children endowment
  • And others…

You can create offers and proposals once the initial data about the policyholder is in place. These documents can be then printed out or sent directly to the  client.

online quotations anywhere

Product parameters flexibility

Choose your own number of available variants for life insurance. Each variant can have different scope of covers or sum insured.

All of these can be compared and viewed on one page. The number and details of these variants can always be configured by IT specialists. The parameters of product definition can be managed by business administrators through the Business Administrator Application of Comarch Digital Insurance.

product parameters

Jet-underwriting provided

Run underwriting questionnaires for risk assessment as part of life insurance policies.

The scope and number of questions will vary and may include matters of general health condition, occupation, life habits and hobbies. You can run your questionnaires online, send them via email or make printouts for the customers, directly from the software.

What can be the result of the automatic underwriting questionnaire?

  • Acceptance of the insurance application without any changes
  • Loading on premiums for selected risks
  • Excluding certain risks from the offer
  • Assigning the insurance application for manual risk assessment

With configurable rules, your business administrators will be able to change and adjust the underwriting questionnaire in terms of questions and relations between them.

jet underwriting

Payment processes covered

Process online payments as you please.

  • Send a link to payment form by e-mail
  • Support online bank transfers, debit cards, credit cards, or integrate with any other local payment platforms, such as PayPal
payment processes

After-sales operations made easy

Make policy amendments, renewals and terminations in one life insurance software for the agent.

You can create first notice of loss (FNOL) reports, plus add notes and attachments to the processed claim. Every after-sales process started can be easily found in the  client and policy view.

after sales operations

Client application

Offer your policyholders the access to a client application, available on various devices

In so doing, you’ll let them:

  • Contact an agent
  • Exchange documents
  • Implement changes to the policy (such as changing the beneficiaries)
  • Request other changes from the insurer
  • Update personal information
  • Register a claim and check its status

client application

client application

What do our customers say?

 For our investment and life products, we needed a new tool to support both the pre-sales activities of our distribution network, including needs analysis, simulations and quotation – and the sales processes, ranging from offer preparation through policy issuance to report generation. We also aimed at a comprehensive solution with enhanced user experience, allowing us to stay on top of the upcoming laws such as PRIIPS or IDD.

Georges Biver, Head of Life & Health at AXA Luxembourg

Business lines supported by our software

If you also wish to change your legacy system and have comprehensive functionalities to manage all relevant operations in your company, discover Comarch Life Insurance.  It handles various life insurance products and allows for an efficient management of all areas of the insurance business, including: product definition, fund management, policy operation and management, finance and accounting reporting, and more.

Comarch Digital Insurance users

Distributors like agents, brokers, intermediaries or insurer’s employees all have access to the application with more advanced features.

Business administrator can configure the parameters, business rules, premium calculation, rights, roles in organizational structure, and have the possibility to change or adjust your products in the software if needed.

End-clients who are using their application from time to time will be glad with a wide range of easy-to-use functions and the possibility to buy a policy online.

Want to learn more?

Tell us about your business needs. We will find the perfect solution.