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Comarch Digital Insurance is an omnichannel solution for insurance distributors, business administrators and end-clients. The software supports home, motor, travel, commercial, and other insurance products. Call it non-life, property, or casualty insurance – we've got it covered. Comarch Digital Insurance will improve and digitize your pre-sales activities, quotations and offer processes, as well as after sales operations.

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What you’ll achieve with CDI for general insurance software?

  • Create real omnichannel strategy
  • Automate and optimize your sales and after-sales processes
  • Provide your agents with user-friendly software
  • Give your clients self-service tools
  • Dynamically answer new market needs

Fully digitize general insurance for individuals

The product list covered by Comarch Digital Insurance will depend on your needs, and can include:

Real Estate/Home

Real omnichannel experience

Comarch Digital Insurance ensures digitalization of insurance sales and service processes with full omnichannel client experience.

The distributors application delivers tools for agents, brokers or intermediaries helping to advise, sell insurance products, provide post-sales support, manage task flows and monitor effectiveness.

A direct sales channel as well as a self-service portal will provide your insurance clients with a quick insight into their covers and new product offers – anytime and anywhere. The tool allows individual clients to purchase covers and manage policies with minimum or no assistance on the insurer’s part, as well as request for agents assistance and smoothly change service channels on the go.

Gather all the interaction between distributor and client in one place, where the client can see all the offers prepared by the agent and act on them.


One screen, all client data

Client 360° view in the application for distributors gives the users full access to all client-relevant data in one place.

one screen

Register a client, and simply sell and manage their policies

new client account

Create new client accounts

By distributor

Client account can be easily created by the distributor. Have every client registered, see all their data in one place. With user-friendly browser and 360° client view, every account is easy to find and work on.

The presented information will be adjusted to your region’s specificity. For insurers in Europe, the view of completed questionnaires such as MiFID, PEP, FATCA, or needs analysis will be provided in one place.

Directly by the end-client

Give clients self-service tools to create accounts on your platform. For general insurance software, clients can have one account for all of their owned policies. They will have the access to sales and certain after-sales operations on their insurance products. Give your clients access to modern application with great UX, accessible on various devices including smartphones.

more possibilities

More possibilities of the sales process

Cover the whole sales process online, including stages of prospect, opportunities, offers and proposals.

360° sales process view has all the necessary information from the sales process perspective. See the details of the sale, with tasks and actions related to it.

Be prepared for more difficult sales cases. For one policy, create many proposals and offers, quotes, questionnaires, and attach files.

few steps

Few steps to get general insurance quotation

Sell all types of general insurance products online. All of these will include the same, easy and intuitive sales process steps, details of which may vary depending on the product sold.

After gathering data from the client, predefined offer variants will be displayed on the list with main information:

  • Name of the variant
  • Premium (per month, per year, or total premium)
  • List of covers’ names and sum assured
  • Available extras
  • Possibility of comparison of variants

Make clients run their own quotations in the software. They’ll always be able to reach out to agent if needed, and continue the process with the agent’s support.

amend and terminate

Amend and terminate, fully online

Don’t worry about mistakes or changes to the policy documents anymore. Easy to run after-sales processes on general insurance products can be done online in Comarch Digital Insurance by authorized distributors.

The amendment operations allow users to modify active policies in terms of modifying policyholder, property or insured data, adding new covers, changing sum insured or payment scheme. With every change, the software calculates new premium based on the changes implemented.

Terminating a policy before its expiry date can be accessible in the Comarch Digital Insurance software. To terminate a policy, the authorized user fills out a form and gives reasons for the action. Additional information is saved, attachments are uploaded, premium repayment is calculated. Simple as that.

register claims

Register claims anytime, anywhere

Create first notice of loss reports on general insurance policies. Claim forms consist of predefined questions list, and can be filled out by distributors or directly by the end-clients. Once integrated with the claim management system, the details and status of the claim will always be presented on the policy 360° view.

Business lines supported by our software

Discover Comarch NonLife Insurance

If you wish to change your non-life legacy system, have a look at Comarch NonLife Insurance. It’s a multi-module policy administration solution that handles individual and group products offered to the retail and corporate customers alike. The system's modular structure greatly facilitates its extension with new components as well as integration with the insurer’s existing software. This core insurance system is enhanced with a user-friendly web portal for front-office operations.

Comarch Digital Insurance users

Distributors like agents, brokers, intermediaries or insurer’s employees all have access to the application with more advanced features.

Business administrator can configure the parameters, business rules, premium calculation, rights, roles in organizational structure, and have the possibility to change or adjust your products in the software if needed.

End-clients who are using their application from time to time will be glad with a wide range of easy-to-use functions and the possibility to buy a policy online.

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