Comarch Digital Insurance in the cloud

What is Comarch Digital Insurance in the cloud?

It is your own online space, accessible only to those that you allow. You can store what you want there, including our cloud insurance software - Comarch Digital Insurance!

Configuration and monitoring are on the vendor’s part - in the hands of a specialized and experienced Cloud team.


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What are the benefits of Comarch Digital Insurance in the cloud?



  • in development and testing,
  • in the introduction of a new offer,
  • in removing errors,
  • in connecting to other environments, systems, and applications.



  • your money  - cost optimization of owning servers 
    or renting servers in data centers,
  • your time - all tasks done on the supplier's side.



  • Configuration and monitoring of the environment is in the hands of a specialized and experienced Cloud team.

No downtime

No Downtime

  • in the cloud, reliability in accessing your software thanks to ‘availability zones’ - if one fails, others continue to work for your company,
  • provided access anywhere, anytime. 



  • in the continuous redesign, improvement, and adaptation of your software, thanks to the PaaS model,
  • in adjusting bandwidth and capacity – reduce, increase on demand,
  • in the choice of infrastructure: internal or external,
  • in the choice of the pricing model.

Cloud insurance implementation & access



We deliver the cloud insurance software in the PaaS model!

PaaS, instead of only delivering ready-made software on the Internet (like the SaaS model), provides access to a platform for software development; thanks to PaaS, we can redesign, refine, and adapt our cloud insurance software to your needs.

Choosing the infrastructure

The software is ready to be implemented:

  • on a public, private, or hybrid cloud infrastructure - you can independently choose the services that you need and the provider: public cloud from popular providers, or a private one – only for you,
  • ‘on premise’ – software installed in the same building as your company.
Private Cloud

This cloud infrastructure is for exclusive use by a single organization consisting of many consumers (e.g. business units). It may be owned, managed, and operated by an organization, a third party or a combination thereof, and may exist locally or outside of them.

Public Cloud

This cloud infrastructure is open to the public. It can be owned, managed, and operated by a business, academic or government organization, or a combination of them. It exists on the territory of the cloud provider.

Hybrid Cloud

This cloud infrastructure is a composition of two or more separate cloud infrastructures (private, social, or public) that remain unique entities but are connected to each other through proprietary technology that allows data and applications to be transferred between them.

Pricing models of insurance cloud software

Looking for info on the types of cloud insurance pricing models? We offer the traditional kind. The final cost of implementation of Comarch Digital Insurance in the cloud depends on factors such as functional scope and the size of the company.

pricing model

Pricing Models

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Cloud-optimized insurance software

easily deployed package

An easily deployed package

Comarch Digital Insurance is a cloud-optimized insurance software. It means that the application is packaged into a bundle, where all the dependencies and configuration files needed to run it are included. Hence, the package can be easily deployed in different computing environments to speed up the development and testing process according to the Continuous Integration/Continuous Delivery approach. Thanks to that, any new features and error fixing can be installed faster in a production environment.

implementation to save time and money

Implementation to save time and money

Software deployment on different operating systems and infrastructures is not a problem anymore. It can even be automated to save time and use human resources effectively. Deployment automation, scaling of resources, and management of applications are provided by dedicated technologies. They ensure the optimization of computing resources and storage.

Highly achievable and reliable insurance in the cloud

Highly achievable and reliable insurance in the cloud

Cloud infrastructure also allows higher availability and reliability. You can get all these benefits by deploying Comarch Digital Insurance on the Comarch Cloud Infrastructure and on the external Provider Cloud Infrastructure. If you prefer total independence, you can stick to the traditional model and deploy software on-premise.

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