Loyalty programs launched by airports allow users to gather valuable data that would otherwise not be available to airport managers. The gathered information can be later cleaned, analyzed and used in reports presented to airlines and Airport City tenants.

Knowledge acquired this way can lead to an increase in the volumes of goods and services sold by Airport City businesses, thus improving revenues. Which goods are purchased together, what is the average shopping value of airport visitors, who are they – all this information can be found straight away at the touch of a mouse.

Focusing on program economics, airport loyalty programs are all about shopping. Program members accrue points for purchased goods and used services offered by Airport City businesses. Members can also take advantage of special services offered by an airport. Points are gathered on individual accounts and can be redeemed for awards.

The basket of awards is quite unique in each airport, however, among the most popular gifts are various types of discounts: shopping; airport parking or ground transportation to a city center; vouchers for special services offered by an airport, such as fast security line.

Contact our airport industry consultants and learn about our experience in powering airport loyalty programs in hubs handling +60 mln passengers a year and request a live demo of Comarch Loyalty Management, a system for enhancing loyalty incentives in over 40 locations all over the world.

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