A description and diagram of Comarch’s CRM platform for airports is presented in ‘Airport Marketing,’ a new book written by Prof. Nigel Halpern and Anne Graham. The book, published by Routledge, a prestigious academic publishing company, consists of high-level research literature concerning airport marketing.

Comarch’s solution is described in great detail in the 9th chapter ‘Airport Distribution’ in the ‘CRM’ section. The subchapter describes how airports employ CRM strategies which utilize people, processes and technology to understand and respond to customers in a way that encourages lasting relationships and generates added value. CRM can automate a range of business processes, such as: sales, customer service and support, and marketing. Comarch’s technology is used to show how CRM gathers data via a range of customer touchpoints, offers opportunities for analysis and subsequently allows companies to target their customers better (pages 209 – 210).

Comarch offers software that powers the CRM & Marketing strategies of airports, from the launch of airport loyalty programs, to Business Intelligence works, client segmentation and online communication through the Internet and mobile applications. The product package consists of 4 applications that can easily be integrated with one another.

Contact our airport industry consultants and learn more about our experience in powering airport loyalty programs in hubs handling +60 mln passengers a year and request a live demo of Comarch Loyalty Management, a system for enhancing loyalty incentives in over 40 locations all over the world.

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