Comarch Partners up with Bank2Loyalty to bring powerful customer engagement tools directly onto the retail floor

Venray, Netherlands & Cracow, Poland, July 13, 2023 – Comarch, a leading provider of innovative AI-powered loyalty platforms, and Bank2Loyalty, a specialist in customer identification technology, are excited to announce a strategic and technical partnership. This collaboration propels the opportunity for retailers to bring advanced, personalized loyalty solutions directly to the shop floor.

Comarch, renowned for creating and managing captivating marketing campaigns and loyalty programs, is set to integrate its technology with Bank2Loyalty's unique identification system. This system allows customers to identify themselves seamlessly via debit or credit cards, payment apps, or wearable devices, thus enabling an enriched, personalized customer experience.

Through this partnership, we are bridging the gap between in-store customer interactions and digital loyalty solutions," said Bartosz Dzieciątko, Head of Growth in Comarch. "By integrating our advanced AI/ML technology with Bank2Loyalty's identification system, we are bringing our powerful customer engagement tools directly onto the retail floor. This allows retailers to create even more personalized customer experiences, leading to stronger, long-lasting relationships."

Bank2Loyalty's customer identification technology will enable Comarch's loyalty platform to be activated and personalized at the point of customer interaction, in the store. This marks a significant step forward in the potential for customer-centric retailing and seamless omni-channel experiences.

We are delighted to be partnering with Comarch, a true leader in the field of loyalty platforms," said Ruud Peeters, founder and CCO of Bank2Loyalty. "Our identification technology opens up new opportunities for the real-time application of Comarch's loyalty solutions, allowing customers to engage with loyalty programs right at the point of purchase and beyond."

Both companies are thrilled about the potential of their partnership, bringing together the strengths of each to create a truly innovative offering in the retail landscape.

About Bank2Loyalty

Bank2Loyalty specialises in customer identification technology, offering unique solutions that digitize multiple touchpoints in the customer journey. Their innovative approach makes it simpler than ever for customers to identify themselves, thus opening up new possibilities for businesses and professionals to make their services more personalized and customer-centric.

For more information on Bank2Loyalty’s, go to their website, Linkedin, or contact Ruud Peeters, Founder/CCO,, +31 616048560.


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