Proximity Marketing

With the application of Comarch Location Based Services, retailers can receive valuable data on customers who enter their premises with mobile phones. The mobile application, which is a part of the LBS product, receives signals from beacons, geo-location services or wi-fi, so the platform can recognize a customer’s location in real-time and push a notification in a fraction of second.
This notification can feature basic information on store opening hours, new products in stock and current promotions, but can also be customized based on the customer profile data such as birthdays, enrolment anniversary, purchasing habits, history etc. stored in the platform.

Indoor Guidance

Location data also allows the mobile app to function as an indoor guidance system. Using the same signals from the beacon network set up within the store and the digital map of the premises, customers can easily find their way around the store.

The mobile app can provide the customer with directions to specific departments, or to places such as the cash desk, elevator, toilets, stairs, fitting room etc. The indoor guidance function is also used in combination with proximity marketing – the customer is guided to the section of the store in which they can find a specific product on promotion.

Combining On-line and Off-line

Upon integration with e-commerce systems, Comarch Location Based Services stores customers on-line shopping history data, including their wish lists and abandoned baskets. Thanks to this, the store owner knows which products a customer was interested in while shopping online.
When the customer visits the physical store, a notification can be pushed to their mobile phone informing them that the product they were looking at online is in stock and available for purchase where they are. These notifications can also use the indoor guidance functionality to direct the customer to the product, and may feature a discount voucher for use with that particular purchase.

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