bp Launches a New Loyalty Program in Australia Powered by Comarch Technology

It Takes Two to Tango

Rarely do you hear about a business partnership as long-lasting and successful as the one that bp and Comarch have. Over a span of almost two decades, the two companies have launched several highly popular loyalty programs in various parts of the world, including the UK, Germany, France, Spain, and Portugal. 

Many of these initiatives are now considered leading examples of customer engagement done right, but that doesn't stop bp and Comarch from developing new and exciting ways of encouraging customers to interact with the brand.

Both companies continue to follow the latest trends and use technological innovations to make each client's visit to one of bp's stations a unique, safe, and effortless experience. The best example of that is the recently launched BP loyalty program in Australia…

How to Make an Entrance in the Land Down Under

Australia is one of the world’s most mature loyalty markets, which makes it a highly competitive environment. Thus, to introduce a new loyalty program there (and encourage your customers to become part of it), you need to go beyond the traditional scope of loyalty program offerings and provide your clients with options they have never heard of before. 

That is why the new bp loyalty program, BP Rewards, launched in Australia is powered by the latest version of Comarch's loyalty management platform designed specifically for Mobility companies. The platform utilizes some of the most advanced customer engagement tools & strategies to date. It is a technological foundation that allows bp to build loyalty programs that are more in line with today's reality. How so?

bp is, of course, highly aware of how the mobility landscape is changing due to technological and societal developments, with electric cars becoming more available and affordable, many stations turning into convenience stores, and efforts being made to cut CO2 emissions globally. And so, the company designed this particular loyalty program with the transformations of the modern world in mind. However, this would not be possible without the right technology. 

Plus, because bp works with many other businesses to deliver the most personalized customer experience possible, the program is also a multi-partner endeavor from which every user can benefit on many different levels. Comarch's platform is (more than) powerful enough to support such customer engagement operations. 

The project for bp is one of the biggest in terms of gas stations that are connected to our platform. Now, more than 13 thousand stations are participating in the loyalty program, and this number will certainly grow in the near future. We're currently looking into expanding our cooperation with BP and adding more countries [to the project]," says Sami Nachawati, Comarch's Consulting Director, Oil&Gas Mobile Payments.

The goal is to "take customers on a journey"

The title above is how the experts from bp and Comarch described the new loyalty program in Australia. They are trying to create a feeling that the brand does not appear before the customer only during a transaction and disappears shortly after its completion, but it remains in touch after the customer drives off. They want to show that bp cares about who its clients are – and that it wants to know how to provide them with offers, promotions, and rewards that truly hit the spot.

If you want to learn the ins and outs of this project, you can click HERE to listen to a podcast on the subject done by the Wise Marketer. Featuring BP's Rewards Program Manager, Aidan Cotter, as well as Comarch's Head of Loyalty Strategy Consulting, Bindu Gupta, and the above-quoted Comarch's Consulting Director, Sami Nachawati, it provides a lot more information about the latest Comarch-powered BP loyalty program.  

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