Why should your company start a Loyalty Program?

This basic question is asked by every entrepreneur who has considered starting a loyalty program. You can find at least 29 benefits of running loyalty programs and the list is growing as the market is constantly changing. Experts consider loyalty programs as more than just another marketing activity. It’s two-way cooperation, which has to be beneficial for both parties: the program owner and the customers. Below you can find the most frequently mentioned and widely known loyalty program benefits, divided into advantages for the company and the customers:

Benefits for Customers

For Customers participation in the loyalty program is an added value to regular purchases, it can have a form of discount, special services or physical rewards. What’s more, membership creates an emotional sense of recognition, and well-targeted loyalty communication gives a sense of understanding and special treatment to a customer.

Benefits for Program Owners

The Program owner reaps other benefits from this marketing initiative. The most important is the possibility to gain priceless data about customers. Later, with the use of the data, improving the retention rate, reducing costs, building brand value and positive PR. And, of course, increasing revenue by gaining higher CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) and AOV (Average Order Value).

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