What does it take to bring a loyalty program alive?

Every day, marketers have to answer the question: how can we make our loyalty program more popular? Well-designed platforms allow them for flexibility in managing loyalty events and setting up new promotions to engage customers. With some creativity and a bit of personalization, the right promotions may help catch and maintain program members' attention.

Welcome bonus

This is a popular incentive used in programs. Points, small gifts or coupons as a welcome gift can easily increase the number of enrolled members. If you are afraid of the costs associated with this type of promotion, keep in mind how valuable the new members and their data can be to you.

Multi points promotions

Double or triple points for a given purchase can help you promote select products, services or even locations. It all depends on your current goals and marketing strategy.

Redemption discounts
This type of promotion focuses on the other side of loyalty – redemption. If the redemption rate is not satisfactory, or there are too many rewards on stock, use this mechanism. Attractive discounts for chosen rewards are a great way to engage members or show appreciation for a certain segment.

Birthday gift
Who doesn’t like birthday presents? Sending a discount coupon along with birthday wishes is an easy way to express appreciation and build relations based on positive emotions.

Anniversary gift

From the customer’s perspective, there is nothing very special about their program membership anniversary. But marketers can use this event to re-engage members. As with the birthday promotion, sending a personalized message with a time-limited coupon usually brings the customer back to the program.

Surprise gifts

Why not surprise your members? All you need to do is create buzz at a time when people are bored and do not expect it. Some loyalty programs even offer half-birthday gifts – there’s no limit to the types of creative campaigns you can develop.

All types of time-limited offers and promotions enhance your loyalty program and work to your advantage in many ways. They stimulate interest in new products and services and ultimately generate more revenue for your company.

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