Account management

This module constitutes a gateway to account information and management, allowing, among others, for quick balance-checking on any bank account. Thanks to dynamic history search, users can instantly find any information they need. They can also make use of QR codes for a quick sharing of account numbers as well as the possibility to split, tag and add notes to incomes or expenses, which ensures a better and more organized financial overview


Money movement

The module comes with abundant money movement options: from P2P and internal transfers through to domestic and international ones. It also offers convenient ways of managing scheduled and recurring payments and provides the user with pre-defined planning scenarios. All these features come hand in hand with maximum simplicity of transferring money: it’s now as easy as sending an email.


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Personal finance management

At the heart of Comarch Personal finance management lies our proprietary categorization engine which assigns transactions to specific types. This process enriches customer data paving the way for timely and relevant cross- and up-sell opportunities. Possibility to plan and track all incomes and expenses by defining limits for specific categories or saving with a purpose in mind are among many other features of the module that elevate customer engagement and make banking truly useful.


Alerts and notifications

This module encompasses a wide range of alerts and notifications concerning balances, transactions and all in between, distributed through various channels (SMS, email, push). Effectively keeping track of household budgets, and being discretely reminded just in time about important financial events like credit card repayment, firmly guides customers through day-to-day banking operations.



Comarch Smart Finance connects banks and their customers through audio, video and chat communication: in a simple, secure, and mobile-friendly way. No additional software installation is required, all it takes is a browser and internet access.


Open API

Built to respond faster to emerging business opportunities by improving the agility of new projects and driving creativity into the world of finance. API-based platforms help banks stand firmly on the innovation ladder and keep pace with customers’ expectations, allowing for smooth management of new modules and applications. Thanks to an open API, banks can e.g. effectively harness transaction data to offer products adjusted to their customers’ purchase behavior and combine it with location-based marketing.



The analytics module enables the creation of context-sensitive product offers meeting even the most demanding customer expectations. Combining personal data with financial habits provides the bank with a powerful knowledge base that can be leveraged to generate context hints: in case of a problem with cash flow, loan offers or suggestions on how to save and invest money may be extended

Omnichannel sales

Both user-friendly interface and drag-and-drop mode make configuring offers and application form elements a breeze. This primarily means quick time-to-market: once the offers are ready, all that’s left is to post them to bank partners and sales channels.


Campaign management

The Campaign management module supports employees in running efficient marketing campaigns, triggered by specific financial events/customer behaviors. It makes use of the PFM data, for instance spending patterns or saving goals, to turn them into valuable insights allowing to provide customers with tailor-made offers. User-friendly configuration is a strong advantage of this module – bank employees can easily define rules via drag-and-drop function. The module naturally comes with clear and transparent reporting.


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