Nowadays, business partners are not emotionally attach to products or services. One response to this issue is to introduce an efficient mechanism that will help to increase engagement by gamification. This innovative approach is possible to use in Comarch sales support tools and  is based on interesting special challenges, positioning on leaderboard, receiving awards such as badges and virtual awards.

Adding elements of gamification to the typical, mundane professional activities, is a salutary variation, presented in a friendly form, which reinforces the involvement of employees in the duties performed. Improving performance is evident in business results and is primarily concerned with employee satisfaction with work arising from gamified reorganization of existing business activities. Relations with business partners become much more efficient.

Gamification in Comarch sales support platform, gives the possibility of personal involvement, increases the motivation of colleagues to develop business relationships with us, and not to seek alternatives in competition. Sales representatives or distributors given a choice of selling products offered by a company that introduced gamification or similar products without the element of entertainment, without a doubt, would choose the former. Gamification, naturally involves business partners who associate products offered by the company with the brand more often, and in general, are more likely to choose and consider them as better.

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