Billentis report E-Invoicing / E-BillingComarch has been once again the sponsor of The Billentis report (E-Invoicing / E-Billing. Significant market transition lies ahead). The published report present the analyses of the electronic invoice market.

In the report, we can find the most recent information on the European and global e-invoicing. It’s an important source of the hard facts and number.

In the report included:

  • map of market maturity for electronic invoices/bill,
  • evolving market models, like Supplier Direct Model, Buyer Direct Model, Direct Model as a Service,
  • the volume of invoices and invoice-like document,
  • case study - Comarch’s implemented for SSP The food Travel Experts.


An introduction to the report was written by Bartłomiej Wójtowicz who descript the synergy E-Invoicing with B2B commerce.

More about: Comarch EDI

The full report is available here 

More on Billentis: 

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