Comarch Becomes an Acknowledged Peppol Service Provider in Japan

Comarch has been a memeber of the Peppol Organization since 2018. Despite the still short period of certification by the Japan Peppol Authority, the number of authorized Peppol Service Providers is constantly growing. On November 24, 2022, Comarch joined this small group and became an acknowledged Peppol Service Provider in Japan.

By becoming a Certified Peppol Service Provider in Japan, Comarch gives its international and local customers the opportunity to offer electronic document exchange services in Japan.

When the Japaneese prime minister announced digitization in Japan, one of his top priorities was estabilishing the Digital Agency, that was set up at incredible speed and launched in September 2021. It contributes to reforming the culture of administration in a user-driven manner through digitization.

Although Japan does not yet have mandatory e-invoicing, businesses can already appreciate the benefits of electronic document exchange. Peppol-based e-invoicing is expected by Japanese businesses to be one option to reduce their costs and administrative burdens. This will take on a special dimension when the Qualified Invoice System (as of 1 October 2023) and Electronic Record Retention law (as of 1 January 2024) are introduced in Japan. After the introduction of these obligations, if entrepreneurs continue to use paper invoices, their administrative burdens and business costs may rise.

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