UAE Ministry of Finance announces mandatory B2B & B2G e-invoicing in 2026

After teasing the possible introduction of a decentralized electronic invoicing system earlier in 2023, the UAE’s tax authorities announced further details of a proposed solution. They set up a go-live date for July 2026

Comarch representatives had the opportunity to meet with a UAE Ministry of Finance representative during the Exchange Summit in Dubai, which Comarch also sponsored.

Currently proposed introduction schedule:

  • Q3’2024 – development of SP’s Certification Requirements and Procedures, draft technical details release
  • Q2’2025 – E-invoicing legislation release
  • Dec 2025 – rollout strategy release
  • July 2026 – initial phase – go-live for reporting

The planned French 5-corner solution inspires the system with decentralized exchange of B2B invoices with the strong involvement of certified exchange providers, who would also be responsible for reporting transaction data to tax authorities.

The new system will initially cover domestic B2B and B2G transactions. However, a later addition of a B2C component has not been entirely ruled out.

There’s more you should know about e-invoicing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabialearn more about the new and upcoming regulations.

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