Only a Few More Weeks to Prepare Fully for e-Transport in Romania

On September 30, 2022, the Romanian government once again decided to postpone the obligation to impose penalties for failure to meet the legal requirements related to RO e-Transport. Thus, the grace period will last until December 31, 2022 and applies to situations of failing to implement high-risk goods movement reporting at all, and situations where this reporting takes place but does not meet the legal requirements. That gives additional time to fully prepare for new obligations. After that deadline, penalties will be applied.

The Romanian government has set fines between EUR 1,000 and EUR 20,000.

Transportation of high-risk goods

On July 1, 2022, reporting of high-risk goods transportation was imposed in Romania, for certain entities. Importantly, this does not apply only to domestic transport. These entities are required to inform the tax authorities of the name, quantity, value and so on, of the goods transported.

Due to the short time given to Romanian entities to implement these complex changes in their companies, a decision was made at the end of June to suspend the imposition of penalties for non-compliance with reporting rules to the RO e-Transport platform. You can find more about the new requirements in Romania here.

On the basis of these provisions, several issues have also been clarified, namely:

  1. the reporting obligation applies to transport using on public roads,
  2. the ITU code must be present during the transport of goods with high fiscal risk,
  3. the validity of ITU code has been extended to 15 days in the case of, for example, intra-Community acquisition of goods.

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