New Legal Regulations Introduced in Slovakia

Slovakia has already partially implemented e-invoicing. Still, it only covers transactions between public entities (G2G), or companies are only required to document their transactions with the public entity by e-invoicing (B2G transactions above EUR 5,000). However, regarding B2B invoicing, the Ministry of Finance in Slovakia announced a new timetable for implementing a nationwide CTC solution in Slovakia, which is planned to be implemented in 2025. This is an additional postponement as the final rules on e-invoicing still need to be implemented.

E-invoicing Implementation Timeline

For many reasons, the Slovak government would like the e-invoicing solution to become more popular. At the moment, the plan of the Slovak government is as follows:

  • From Q3 2023 - the Ministry of Finance and Datacentrum in Slovakia and companies that provide them with goods and services will be required to issue electronic invoices using the e-Invoice system
  • From Q4 2023 - the obligation to use the e-Invoice system will apply to budgetary units of the Ministry of Finance of the Slovak Republic, including the Financial Administration of the Slovak Republic
  • From Q1 2024 - the obligation to issue electronic invoices will cover other government and public administration bodies
  • In the last stage, entrepreneurs concluding transactions with government and public administration institutions will be involved in electronic invoicing

There’s more you should know about e-invoicing in Slovakiavisit our dedicated website and stay up to date with the new and upcoming regulations.

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