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Comarch Corporate Banking is an award-winning digital business banking software built in response to continuously growing customer needs. It offers access to all banking products, from cash management to trade finance, with out-of-the-box processes focused on delivering great user experience through any channel – be it a smartphone, or a connected ERP system.

Having Comarch Corporate Banking software in place, banks can strongly differentiate themselves among rivals. It’s modular, so it’s the perfect candidate for either a step-by-step or a single-shot digital transformation program. But, what is even more important, it's deployment can be completely controlled by you, as its cloud-native microservices-based architecture facilitates co-development in mixed teams from day one. This way, you get the advantage of quick deployment based on ready-made modules, together with the flexibility to make the solution truly unique on the market with the help of your IT team.

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Case studies

Find out why global leading banks like ING, BNP Paribas or TTB chose Comarch Corporate Banking as their preferred platform

Why implement corporate banking software from Comarch

Openness and agility


  • Kick off your bank’s digital transformation with first deployment in just 2 weeks
  • Make a quick start and then add new modules to go step-by-step towards your goals
  • Delight your customers with new features delivered overnight, thanks to DevOps capabilities
  • Enjoy deployment flexibility, thanks to modularization and the ability to use fintech extensions
Complete product coverage


  • Deploy additional modules, like trade finance and factoring, to create a seamless, comprehensive, corporate portal for enhanced experience
  • Let your customers access company-wide real-time liquidity data and manage payments from the comfort of their ERP systems, thanks to an API-based connectivity
  • Serve multiple types of clients, from small businesses to multi-entity corporations, using a single, customizable solution
  • Take advantage of a proven 20-year track record: implementations in world-renowned banking groups like ING and BNP Paribas

Corporate Banking


  • Engage your IT teams by taking part in the implementation process alongside Comarch’s engineers
  • Utilize exposed APIs, design system components, app templates, and starter libraries to facilitate independent development
  • Work in multiple, parallel streams thanks to microservice- and microfrontend-based architecture
  • Take advantage of tried-and-tested DevOps tools and processes for a smooth deployment experience
Comarch SME Banking

Discover an ecosystem of solutions designed for small and mid-sized companies

From onboarding to retention - enable paperless processing, so your clients can work remotely, starting now.

What’s in the corporate banking software for your bank

With the Comarch Corporate Banking system, you can create a comprehensive digital banking environment with products and services that truly respond to the needs of even the most demanding customers and complex businesses. Allow your bank’s corporate customers to manage a wide range of banking products and services without having to purchase additional systems that support cash pooling or credits and loans individually. Automate your customers’ routine activities associated with running a business thanks to embedded data analytics and extensive self-service features. Digital business banking has never been this easy and secure. And, we’re still doing our best to make it even better.

Streamline your bank's operating costs with convenient self-administration capabilities that considerably cut down the workload of your RMs and support staff.

What’s in the corporate banking software for your customers

  • Cross-product customer journeys designed to make the work of your corporate bank customers be a breeze
  • Total control over finances, thanks to the access to cash pooling, virtual accounts, electronic invoices, and treasury products
  • Enhanced personalization capabilities with a drag-and-drop feature to adjust the system to the user’s needs
  • Automation of routine activities thanks to bulk payments, extensive self-service features, and flexible approval workflows
  • Omnichannel access that allows users to continue the process on any device exactly from where it was left off

corporate banking software for corporate clients

Keep in touch, sell new products and services online using real-time chat, video chat, or collaborative browsing features.

What’s in the corporate banking software for your IT department

Great corporate banking software requires more than great UX. It starts with a solid system architecture. Comarch Corporate Banking lets your bank have both.

  • Microservices-based deployment
  • Modular architecture
  • API-first approach
  • No vendor lock
  • Flexible deployment options
  • 24/7 availability

  • Cloud native platform
  • SDK-enabled extensibility
  • SOA-based architecture
  • Tested scalability
  • Security hardened
  • Complete support

Watch the video interview and see how TMBThanachart (ttb) became one of Thailand's most innovative banks

What we are proud of

Comarch and TTB won Best Digital Transformation Implementation at Thailand Awards 2021, a prestigious competition run by The Asian Banker. This award program draws attention to the most valuable solutions and implementations in order to recommend institutions that deliver the highest achievements.

The jury appreciated the project carried out by Comarch for TMB Thanachart Bank regarding the implementation of the Comarch Corporate Banking (CCB) system launched under the TTB Business ONE brand. The Comarch transaction system includes mobile and desktop applications supporting both corporate and SME customers.

global finance bank awards

ING’s Comarch Corporate Banking software implementation was named the world-best integrated corporate banking site 2019 by Global Finance – for providing exceptional business banking capabilities, combining multiple products and services within a single platform, based on IT tools developed by Comarch.

The solution is available on desktop and mobile devices, where it offers unique and personalized user experience.

Comarch Corporate Banking at BNP Paribas

We are committed to a modern architecture based on microservices, enabling flexible management of individual elements of the system to take full advantage of cloud solutions. We also require engines supporting the processing of large data volumes with the needs of the largest corporations in mind. We want to build the most technologically advanced banking platform on the Polish market.

Łukasz Zieliński - Managing Director of the Corporate Banking IT Development Division at BNP Paribas Polska.

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