Medical Equipment and Devices

Optimize management of medical devices with FSM software for biomedical equipment

Comarch FSM is a comprehensive platform for supporting the installation, delivery and maintenance of medical equipment and devices. Configured workflow with customized steps and actions is able to satisfy different methods of installation and delivery processing. With a rich range of features it is easy to plan medical tasks, dispatch the right technicians and control task execution and results in real-time. Thanks to extensive automation options along with preventive maintenance, you can increase the mean time between failures and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

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Key benefits of our FSM solution for medical equipment and devices management

Equipment tracking

Enables companies to track their devices in the field and to gain insightful supervision over medical devices inventory, item workflow, status and maintenance tasks schedule.

Automated equipment allocation

Fully automated workflow of assigning medical devices to dedicated tasks and customers, shortening time of scheduling and planning.

Automated preventive maintenance

Automated planning and dispatching of preventive maintenance tasks based on a dedicated schedule for each medical device.

Performance reports

Full transparency of field service management in terms of medical equipment delivery, installation, and maintenance.

Installation and Management in field services

Comarch Field Service Management simplifies medical equipment installation and management procedures. The software manages all service employees’ details, allows them to schedule daily tasks effectively, provides them with access to a knowledge base, and ensures traceability of the installed equipment.

The solution makes it easy to assign particular tasks to appropriate medical technicians, taking into consideration their skillset, location and availability. Employees receive notifications via Comarch FSM App and can visualize their schedules on mobile devices, which allows them to respond in a timely manner. When necessary, technicians can consult technical and compliance documentation of the medical equipment - with just one click on the knowledge base in the FSM App.

Thanks to the messaging features of the app, workers can communicate in real time with the central office and other medical engineering staff.

Finally, Comarch FSM, allows the administration to define maintenance schedules, which automatically assigns the necessary medical equipment to corresponding maintenance tasks, without manual intervention.

Field Service Maintenance

The medical device and equipment market is highly regulated. Each piece should have a full history of service, repair, inspection and replacement. In some instances, non-compliance or failing to deliver specific information can result in penalties. The regulations may also differ from one region to another, making product and service delivery much more complex.

Thanks to Comarch FSM Corrective and Preventive maintenance features, healthcare personnel and medical device suppliers are able to schedule maintenance tasks and ensure safety to avoid downtime problems, which can put the health and lives of the patients at risk. In order to take care of maintenance tasks over a specific area, Comarch FSM makes it possible for medical staff to manage medical field technicians, groups of workers, and third-party medical subcontractors.

The software allows users to store and manage history and audit trails for medical assets and their inspections, for example, where each piece of equipment or device is installed, at which unit, who carried out the installation, how long ago it was serviced, and what spare parts were used to fix the problem. Thanks to the reporting module in Comarch FSM, medical personnel can run corresponding reports, where filters can be set for a specific region or healthcare unit.
Based on historical inspections and the ability to integrate with IoT and BI platforms, Comarch FSM Predictive maintenance and its AI algorithm can schedule preventive maintenance visits, helping the owners of medical assets protect their costly equipment. 

Also, thanks to Augmented Reality AR feature embedded in Comarch FSM, medical technicians can quickly locate necessary equipment and related documentation by scanning QR code or barcode, which speeds up the maintenance process considerably.

As a result, patients are taken care of with safer equipment, while healthcare units comply with regulations, avoid malfunctions and costly repairs, and save money, which can be invested in better care in the future.

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