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Empower workers with a fully-featured mobile field service management app

Field technicians, care staff, insurance inspectors and all the other professionals whose work keeps them constantly on the move enjoy the benefits of Comarch Field Service Management App. Our software not only helps to manage thousands of daily tasks, but also assists field employees with time management, showing the plan for each day in a clear and structured manner.

Comarch FSM Mobile App has been designed with increased flexibility in mind. Workers receive notifications in real time, and can use the app to resolve issues as they arise, or to react appropriately in the event of an emergency. Furthermore, employees can exchange messages with field colleagues, contact administrators and dispatchers quickly, analyze the installation history for a given premises, and more. 

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Field Service Mobile App: Access anytime, anywhere

Comarch FSM - Field service mobile app Highlights

Comarch FSM Mobile App facilitate the work of employees and helps them to overcome obstacles by suggesting certain actions.

The automatic dispatching engine and the flexibility offered by the mobile app can be transformative in your company’s effectiveness and automation.

Implementation of the Comarch FSM App and integration with your daily routine can save a great deal of time and limit unnecessary expenditures. Featuring optimal route planning, real-time alerts in the event of job amendments, smart communication, and documentation with attachments created on site, this intuitive and functional app makes everyday work easier.

Employees are more satisfied when working with the mobile app thanks to the wide range of features it offers. Data and schedules accessible from home facilitate the organization of their daily schedule. Workers become more independent, as they have full insight into the information related to their assigned tasks.

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Benefits of Comarch field service mobile app

Comarch FSM Mobile App is a field-ready solution that works on iOS and Android platforms. Its flexibility makes it suitable for different field work scenarios in which it is capable of addressing the many challenges that an organization may face.

Comarch FSM Application allows field employees to access the most accurate and up-to-date information necessary to handle each task.

Support is provided in real time, but when necessary all data and actions are available in offline mode and synchronized automatically when connection to the network is established.

All information is organized in a clear and structured way. Workers have immediate access to the history of the order and details about the customer. 

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Key Features of Comarch Field Service Mobile App

  • Quick access: Comarch FSM Mobile App has an edge over the traditional approach to field operations by delivering rapid access to information about tasks, clients and status. This is among the most important features of this mobile app tool, making it a must in the context of smooth task execution. Quick and effective communication between field employees, coordinators and customers is the key to performance improvement.
  • Real time: Users can benefit from instant access to relevant task data, and observe any changes in the schedule.
  • Attachments: By the means of the mobile app, users can take photos, make videos and record notes, and attach documents directly from the customer’s premises.
  • Digitization: Data are stored in the system digitally, reducing the amount of paper used for everyday tasks. Aside from the environmental benefits, this relieves the burden on employees less confident with paperwork during the execution of field operations.
  • Warehouse: Real-time access to the availability of equipment that is necessary to execute the order.
  • Communication: Field employees can easily communicate using embedded solutions, to exchange information and solve issues more effectively.
  • App-to-app integration: Possibility to integrate Comarch FSM App with external applications to build a multifunctional system that supports data management and includes navigation, code scanning, online diagnosis and service activation.
  • Location and tracking: GIS systems help users to plan their optimal route, and provide information about their current location.
  • Supports offline mode: Users can carry out tasks even when offline, and the database will be updated as soon as the network is available. 
  • Calendar: Immediate access to the schedule in calendar form, giving a full view of tasks planned for completion in the course of a given a day.
  • Workflow: Any change to the workflow is communicated by system alerts. Field employees can see the status of the order.
  • Task execution: Order status is updated in real time, which allows the task execution matrix to be monitored and facilitates greater control of the business.
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