Healthcare Facilities and Medical Assistance in the Field

Handling time management for healthcare professionals using FSM software

Highly specialized medical personnel are very valuable and have limited time. Therefore, it is important for each organization to plan medical schedules efficiently and assign staff appropriately. Comarch FSM enables automatic planning of doctors’ and nurses’ schedules, and efficient time management – all in paperless format.

Doctors and nurses can visualize their schedules in the Comarch FSM App, while patients can verify the appointments via the patient portal.

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FSM for home care services

Comarch FSM can support medical facilities that offer dedicated home care services, such as ventilation and respiratory support, insulin administration, perfusion, nutrition, and so on. Thanks to the automatic dispatcher feature, the software can assign nurses or medical care assistants with the best combination of availability, distance and skillset, while taking into account patients’ priorities.

Ensuring the highest standard of these services can be challenging. Care assistants and nurses often tend a high number of patients. Each case is different and requires dedicated treatment and medication. Comarch Field Services Management for the healthcare sector allows you to manage medical organization through the hierarchy feature, and to specify each person’s qualifications and service area.

Preventive maintenance supports nurses and medical staff in planning medical supplies, managing medical stock or planning visits to the patients, before the reserves get low (based, for example, on daily usage and the number of doses). The time-consuming manual process of scheduling appointments at patients’ homes can be automated and optimized, allowing medical care assistants to focus on improving the quality of patient care by increasing their efficiency and accuracy.

Key benefits of Comarch FSM solution for healthcare facilities and medical assistance

Roster management

Intuitive and efficient way of planning and scheduling for doctors and nurses who conduct tasks for patients at home.

Automated task dispatching

Fully automated workflow of dispatching medical staff to dedicated tasks and customers based on service region, type of client, scope of care or required competencies shortens time of scheduling and planning.

Real-time control of field tasks

Simple access to information about performance and location of staff, supported with a notification system and alerts about disruptions in executing tasks or schedule changes.

Customer Portal

Informative portal for patients, notifying about doctor or nurse location, with an option to reschedule an appointment or fill out a post-visit satisfaction survey.

Scheduling API for Field Service Management

Are you looking for an AI/ML-driven way to improve your field team assignments? Discover our dedicated system third-party solutions, and improve your organization’s efficiency automatically or semi-automatically.

Learn more about Comarch FSM scheduling API, which can be configured to feed Comarch Hospital Information System (HIS) and Electronic Health Record (EHR) with the optimal schedule for each day.

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