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Streamline the work of medical service contractors with healthcare service management software

Comarch FSM can be configured to support the needs of different types of medical service contractors. The Recurring tasks algorithm can be used to dispatch regular contracted jobs automatically, and the ticketing system can be utilized for ad hoc emergencies in the business process. Each task can be efficiently planned, fully tracked and dispatched to medical field workers, who will be updated in real time via mobile notifications. Thanks to Comarch FSM, dispatchers and supervisors gain constant access to the history and details of all performed orders and tasks for managed sites and territories, which helps the business exercise the appropriate level of due diligence, which can be enhanced by FSM Quality Audits and Reporting.

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Key benefits of Comarch FSM for service support and medical contractors

Flexible solution configuration

Ability to configure processes and workflows to meet the requirements of different types of medical field tasks such as installation, supply, repair, maintenance and assistance.

Manual/automated schedule planning

Fully automated workflow of dispatching medical staff to dedicated tasks and patients based on service region, type of patient, scope of work or required competencies, shortening time of scheduling and planning, with the option to adjust planning manually.

Real-time incident notifications

Easy access to all data related to performance and real-time location of medical field staff, supported with a notification system and alerts about disruption in task execution or shifts in planning.

Workload reports

Full transparency into management of medical field staff in terms of planning, workloads, real execution, quality of service and more.

FSM medical product supply and patient transportation

Uninterrupted supply in the healthcare sector is essential, as it impacts the quality of medical services and patients’ lives. Comarch Field Services Management helps medical contractors to plan and manage the supply of medical products in a timely manner. Thanks to Comarch FSM, it’s possible to create schedules for contracted goods.

Comarch FSM Preventive maintenance enables the management of medical stock and planning visits to patients before the reserves get low (for example, based on daily usage and the number of doses). The software provides algorithms to generate recurring supply tasks in line with the terms of each customer, along with SLA (service level agreements) monitoring. Once tasks are created, they are automatically planned in an optimized way and dispatched to dedicated employees. Thanks to Comarch FSM knowledge base, medical contractors can consult necessary documentation whenever they need, to ensure compliance with requirements and SLA.

With Comarch FSM, activities such as stock fulfilment and supply of medical components, accessories, spare parts and first-aid kits, can be secured and optimized, allowing improved quality of services.

For transported patients and products, time is critical. Long journey times to a medical facility put patients’ lives at risk and limit the usefulness of medical products, which often require very strict conditions (temperature, humidity, and so on) and short supply chain. Automatic dispatcher supported by AI, and the GPS tracking feature in Comarch FSM, enable optimum route planning and allow you to track the location of vehicles and patients, which shortens the journey time to a medical facility and minimizes possible risks.

Comarch Improves Hospital Inventory Management 
by Cloud-based FSM Software for MedicAir in Italy

Waste disposal in field services

Waste disposal at healthcare facilities must be performed regularly and in accordance with the highest safety and quality standards, as it may represent a serious risk to public health. Comarch FSM offers automatic maintenance schedules as part of preventive maintenance, ticketing for alerts and tracking, which helps medical contractors optimize their activities and secure quality standards.

Sterilization in FSM

Automatic maintenance schedules and ticketing in Comarch FSM are key for the sterilization of medical equipment and accessories, where there is no room for error or omission. The software allows for equipment allocation with a QR code or barcode scanner, customized handling (task types designed for different device types) and monitoring (tracking). History of performed tasks allows medical contractors to maintain high quality standards for services.

FSM cleaning and laundry

Comarch FSM detailed roster and effective planning of staff in terms of skills and available devices is a must in the effective management of cleaning services in the healthcare sector, where quality is key.

Catering in field services

Comarch FSM helps optimize and automate meal dispatching (automatic dispatcher) across different medical facilities in a serviced area. The software algorithm allows effective planning of staff in terms of skills, availability and location.

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