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Why deploy cloud-based field service management software

Cloud computing is one of the most frequently used service delivery approaches. It is based on Internet usage to deliver all services and functions to support your business processes. This model assumes transitioning full responsibility of operability to the vendor. Comarch’s cloud-based FSM software operates in the SaaS model (software as a service). This is the most convenient solution for our clients, as there is neither hardware on your premises nor a single line of code of software to be concerned about. All key services are delivered to you remotely. All you need to do is acquire access to the application. You do not need anything more except a robust Internet connection. All services, data and modules are there for you.

Cloud computing is a light, scalable and cost saving solution. You do not need to worry about what hardware to purchase to run your FSM application, how to maintain it, how to secure data, or how to store and update the software. Our cloud-based FSM software does all this for you. With your access you are using application resources based on agreed SLAs without concerns about performance or availability, leaving you free to focus on your field business and clients.

Let’s have a closer look on biggest advantages of Comarch FSM in the cloud.

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Comarch’s cloud-based field service management software is a great deal for you in terms of cost savings, easy maintainability and short time to market.

Still not sure whether cloud is for you? Please contact with our consultants for expertise and advice. We are here to help you and advise on the best options.

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Benefits of Cloud FSM

No hardware on your premises with cloud-based FSM software

This is one of the greatest benefits for our clients. Above all, no hardware on the premises means cost saving on deployment and maintainability. Every piece of hardware, including  servers, firewalls, racks and routers needed for service operation, is hosted by us. Comarch Data Centers are operated by our experts provide the greatest value for money.  We provide stability with disaster and recovery planning, integrity and full security.

Learn more about our Data Centers around the world.We operate in private and public clouds to fully satisfy your requirements.

Please contact our consulting professionals to learn more about the best option for you. Our teams make sure that the hardware and software are maintained and fully operable in accordance with agreed SLAs. 

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FSM cloud - no hardware

FSM in the cloud means updates on the fly 

Upgrading software or making a new release can be a challenge when you keep code on your premises. You need to plan this in advance and have your own skilled staff to support the process. With Comarch Cloud FSM, this can be done effortlessly. All changes are carried out in the background without influencing on your services. We provide fully tested releases in accordance with a release plan agreed in advance. You receive new releases, features or updates without concerning yourself with how these may influence your business processes.

Everything is set up, governed and delivered by our experts.

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Upgrading FSM software on the fly

Our Cloud FSM - Security and GDPR compliance

Security is one of the most important factors of operability. As a key player in your field, you need to keep your data, knowledge and business processes safe. You also need to take care of GDPR compliance, ensuring security of data processing and putting in place technical and organizational measures to avoid the risk of data leaks. This process is costly, complex and requires constant attention. The good news is that you can hand this responsibility over to us. Our cloud-based field service management platform applies the latest standards and solutions to ensure high availability of the system, fault tolerances, integrity of data and software, and proper user access control. You can sleep well – there is one thing less to be worried about. We are fully in charge of this.

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Comarch FSM security and GDPR compliance

Modularity and Customization of Comarch FSM Cloud

We are fully aware that every service provider has their own specific requirements to adjust to the current business process. Our solution is fully modular and offers three standard options, from which you can choose based on your needs.

As well as the standard FSM features and modules which are available right away, we also provide wide integration possibilities via API for your own or third-party systems, to make the solution fully adaptable to your business process, framework and environment.

To learn about our features, please request a demo.

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FSM Modularity and Customization

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