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White Paper: MEA Countries are Taking a Huge Step Towards Digitization Thanks To E-invoicing

A practical summary of e-invoicing developments across the region

e-invoicing can accelerate your digital transformation process

One thing is for sure: e-invoicing can accelerate your digital transformation process

This is highly visible in the MEA region, where, over the past few years, several interesting trends have emerged in terms of digitization. New initiatives such as Smart Dubai and Digital Saudi 2030, led by the United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia respectively, have accelerated the pace of digital transformation. Moreover, the introduction of VAT in the Gulf Countries has completely shifted the way businesses operate.

Read our new white paper to learn about the benefits of e-invoicing and get up to date with the latest regulations and initiatives in the region you are now or soon will be doing business with. 


According to Comarch’s research, more than half of the companies underline ensuring tax/VAT compliance (63%) and the integrity of invoice content (54%). Fail to comply with those formalities and you may face unnecessary additional costs and create a risk of liability for those responsible for tax settlements. E-invoicing is a way to prevent it.

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benefits of digitization

Find answers to these questions:

  • What are the main benefits of digitization?
  • How can e-invoicing significantly enhance your business operations?
  • At what stage of e-invoicing implementation is the MEA region?
  • What can we expect in those countries soon?
  • What is the Comarch e-Invoicing solution, and how can it help you do business with MEA?

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