Business Digitalization Trends

e-Book: Digitalization as a Means to
Overcome Supply Chain Disruptions 

Find out how you can use today's data exchange technologies / B2B integration to maintain business continuity and gain a competitive advantage

The world is moving towards systems synergy, and so should you

How can technology help you
protect your supply chain?

The number of disruptions that businesses must face and defend against is growing rapidly. Political frictions, environmental degradation, economic instability, biological threats — each of these may determine whether your company's supply chain will grind to a halt.

Hence, your company's growth also depends on whether you use the latest data exchange technologies / B2B integration or not. How come? In this e-book, we present solid evidence that the digitalization of procurement processes leads to both higher resistance to supply chain disruptions and new business opportunities.

Many companies – no matter their size, industry, location, financial status, and technological maturity – are NOT prepared to withstand nor recover from the supply chain disruptions. [...] Fortunately, there are systems that can help businesses be prepared for/prevent/survive damaging events"


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What are the forecasts for e-commerce growth in the nearest future?

Get answers to the following questions:

  • What are the biggest supply chain disruptions today?
  • Why many of today's companies are not prepared for such disruptions?
  • What are some of the key advantages of a digital supply chain?
  • What does the process of supply chain digitalization look like?
  • How important is having the right risk management strategy?
  • Which data exchange tools can help you survive supply chain disruptions?

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