What are the Benefits of Integrating KSeF With EDI?

For many Polish companies, KSeF (Krajowy System e-Faktur) is no longer an unfamiliar topic. The official platform for the issue, receipt, and storage of structured invoices was established by the Polish government in the context of a new law that will make e-invoicing obligatory for all tax payers in Poland starting from January 1st, 2024.

Preparing for KSeF – what you need to know

The assumptions regarding the use of KSeF published so far by the Polish Ministry of Finance focus mainly on the creation of invoices in keeping with the xml requirements of KSeF, as well as on the transmission and retrieval of invoices from and to the platform after initial authentication has taken place according to the API documentation.

The e-invoicing obligation coming into effect in 2024 is expected to bring about a rapid increase in KSeF user numbers. Easy and universal access to the Finance Ministry’s solution will therefore be absolutely crucial. After all, KSeF will have to meet the needs both of small businesses (such as freelancers) and of big companies, the latter weighing in with a considerably larger transaction volume per month, meaning more invoices that need processing. In order to allow companies to prepare for the use of KSeF, some documentation has been made available on podatki.gov.pl.

Challenges surrounding the independent implementation of KSeF requirements

In light of the significant changes Polish companies are facing with regards to electronic invoicing, one might question whether the materials published by the Polish Ministry of Finance will suffice to enable businesses to use KSeF and upload their invoices to the platform without difficulty.

From what Comarch experts have gathered during meetings with customers and prospects, self-onboarding to KSeF holds considerable challenges for companies as it calls not only for technical know-how and programing skills, but also for certain levels of infrastructure and experience. The programming effort necessary to fully integrate internal accounting systems or ERP solutions with the KSeF interface (API KSeF) is one of the key factors causing our customers headaches. As an experienced provider of document exchange solutions, Comarch lends them a helping hand. How?

Comarch – a reliable e-invoicing software provider

Looking back on almost 20 years in the e-invoicing business, Comarch has extensive experience in developing innovative IT solutions that meet e-invoicing requirements in Poland and several other countries.

Apart from KSeF, the provider’s latest e-invoicing projects include the integration of the Comarch EDI platform with Italy’s Sistema di Interscambio (SdI). The latter was repeatedly referred to by representatives of the Polish Ministry of Finance as the model for KSeF. Since recently, Comarch has been certified as an e-invoicing provider in Turkey as well. In light of new requirements being introduced in other EU Member States, Comarch is currently preparing solutions, modelled on Poland’s KSeF, in Romania and France.

Benefit from comprehensive IT support with Comarch EDI

One of the major advantages of Comarch EDI is that the platform can also be operated as software as a service (SaaS). In this provisioning model, Comarch takes on the continuous management of its proprietary out-of-the-box solution, supporting the client comprehensively.

How does that work? Comarch monitors the Comarch EDI KSeF platform 24/7 and adds new features whenever they are needed. So, if the Polish Ministry of Finance makes any changes to the API KSeF software, Comarch will update its own platform within a couple of hours and then make it available to users.

Is it wise to wait with preparations for KSeF onboarding? In order to save costs and integration efforts, businesses should start preparing right away. Otherwise, the coming legal changes might at some point make it impossible for them to operate within the law. With Comarch EDI, you will not only stay up to date with regard to legal requirements – you will also be able to free more resources for the development of your business instead of having to use them for system integration.



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