sales appDetermined to ensure the greatest possible customer satisfaction, we never stop developing our products. A wide spectrum of functionalities, however, is not all we care about. We take special care to make sure that our apps are also fast and easy to use and available on all leading system platforms.

Thanks to many years of experience working with global and local brands, Comarch knows well how to make its applications more ergonomic and intuitive.

It is our pleasure to announce that we have just released a brand new version of our field sales force management app. The upgraded version of Online Manager is available via web browsers and can be used on any device, ranging from smartphones and tablets to laptops. Our customers can now enjoy uninterrupted access to market data and manage the work of their sales representatives no matter where they are.

The application has also taken on a completely new look. An easy-to-use calendar now allows for fast and easy team route management and enables a quick review of completed visits. An interactive customer card provides access to a broad spectrum of data, which can be easily managed thanks to intuitive tiles. Dashboards and an elaborate reporting module enable customers to quickly analyze trends, react to phenomena as they arise in real time, and take correct decisions based on accurate data.

The look of the well-known mobile Android app, which has been available for some years, has also changed. The new layout is much more clear and modern. Not only does it save time while registering successive steps taken in communication with the customer, it also guides sales representatives and suggests what steps they should take next.

Current sales support systems are very complex and sales personnel are often too busy with their daily duties for the hassle of going through instructions and fishing out important information. As a SFA systems provider on the market for more than a decade, we understand the needs of our customers and build our applications in a way that allows users to handle them easily from the get-go, assists them in their duties, and increases their efficiency. The quality of our applications and services is of the utmost importance to us – says Justyna Włodarczyk, Comarch SFA Product Manager 

In the recent report by the Gartner research company (Market Guide for Retail Execution and Monitoring Solutions for the Consumer Goods Industry, 2015), the usefulness of our apps was ranked as superior to those of other providers. Such accolades inspire us to continue in the task of constantly improving our products.

Contact us and you will see that Comarch SFA solutions are both comprehensive and user-friendly.

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