Victorinox, a world renown Swiss company with a long tradition, has decided to adopt Comarch ECM as its document management system throughout their whole group of subsidiaries. In doing so, Victorinox implements its second IT system provided by Comarch In 2004, the company chose Comarch’s ERP system. Comarch ECM has the ability to map a broad range of processes: from archiving sales slips in the 25 stores via scanning and workflow control regarding incoming invoices and other incoming paper documents to archiving e-mails. In the near future, the document management system will be used by more than 500 employees.

In an intensive evaluation process, Comarch ECM prevailed over all the other services on offer. Remo Furrer, project manager for Global Logistic and Process Management explains why: “Besides the modern technology concept of the ECM server architecture offering ideal possibilities for scalability and the ergonomic, and the user-friendly interface for the management of dossiers and workflow processing, another decisive factor for us was the competency of the project when we had questions regarding individual integration concepts. For the same reason, we had already decided in favor of Comarch ERP Enterprise following the previous evaluation process concerning ERP.”

The new project’s objective is to enable all employees to store, search, and display business-related documents and data by implementing the document management system as a unified solution. E-mails, documents and data from MS Office as well as from business applications such as ERP, HR, and freight forwarding software shall be provided to the employees as part of the ECM software or within MS Sharepoint. They shall be sorted into dossiers, connected to respective tasks, and provided within workflows. This saves time when storing, searching, compiling, or forwarding documents and dossiers.

Furthermore, Comarch ECM offers excellent possibilities for integration. Thus, it is possible to create continuous processes, e.g. mapping an invoice receipt workflow, or displaying archived documents directly in the ERP environment.

About Victorinox

Victorinox – Entrepreneurship Characterized by Tradition, Quality, and Innovation

The name of Victorinox is closely related to the legendary Original Swiss Army Knife originating from the Swiss Officer’s and Sports Knife of 1897. The company's headquarters is located in Ibach (Schwyz) in the heart of Switzerland. Karl Elsener founded his cutler’s business in Ibach in 1884 and thus initiated an unprecedented success story. Millions of people around the globe associate Victorinox with typical Swiss values such as: inventive talent, reliability, functionality and quality. Today, Victorinox produces and sells a number of high quality products worldwide which are of practical use in different areas of life: pocket knives, household and professional knives, timepieces, traveling gear, clothing and fragrances. All these products continue the tradition of the Original Swiss Army Knife.

About Comarch

Comarch is an international provider of IT solutions concerned with the optimization of business processes and customer relations management Comarch employs around 3,500 people in 19 countries. Its headquarters is located in the Polish city of Kraków. Comarch's portfolio includes solutions for the telecommunications, banking and insurance industries, trade and service providers as well as business software for medium-sized companies (ERP, CRM, BI, EDI, DMS/ECM). This range of products is complemented by IT infrastructure solutions, hosting as well as outsourcing services. As a full-service provider, Comarch additionally offers comprehensive implementation and integration services for all its solutions. In Germany, Austria and Switzerland, Comarch conducts business with about 240 employees in 15 locations.

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