Time and Precision are the Main Challenges in Automotive Projects: thyssenkrupp Selects Comarch as Global EDI Provider

thyssenkrupp is a diversified industrial group, providing, amongst other things, products and services for the automotive industry - a sector characterized by high process dynamics and demanding logistics. Effective communication with business partners and logistics service providers is the key to the company’s success, especially when even the smallest delay can disrupt production and result in avoidable losses. It is clear that, in this situation, it is crucial to select a reliable electronic document exchange service provider. For that reason, thyssenkrupp decided to cooperate with Comarch.

EDI Service Provider

thyssenkrupp is a brand with an international network of partners including nearly all global automotive manufacturers. Hence, the implementation of a global solution for electronic data interchange (EDI) provided by one service provider was of strategic importance for the company. The aim was to systematize and optimize electronic document exchange processes between thyssenkrupp’s department responsible for supplying components and engineering services to the automotive sector and its business partners. Before starting cooperation with Comarch, the different functions were fulfilled by several different EDI providers to exchange documents, which made optimal synergies impossible.

Changing electronic document exchange service providers and nominating only one to handle all requirements is a major challenge, especially for a global company operating in the automotive industry. We have now successfully completed the first production implementations and Comarch has shown itself to be a reliable partner. We appreciate not only the collaborative approach of the implementation team, but also its deep knowledge and extensive international experience in EDI. We are confident about the next stages of the project and we are sure that cooperation with Comarch will bring us numerous benefits – says Kerstin Baumgärtner, Head of IT Management Automotive Technology at thyssenkrupp.

The Comarch EDI solution was implemented at thyssenkrupp in September 2019. It is a platform guaranteeing highly efficient and reliable electronic document exchange with customers, logistics service providers and authorities. This solution supports different message types, streamlining the execution of tasks such as delivery schedule forecasts (DELFOR), just in time call-offs (JIT), advanced shipping notifications (ASN) and many others. It also provides professional support in global legal compliance with e-invoicing regulations for B2B transactions, which guarantees operational stability. As an essential part of the project, Comarch covers the onboarding of external trading partners, establishes and maintains technical connections between partners in the network, and develops dedicated translation maps enabling the conversion of documents into thyssenkrupp’s in-house formats based on SAP ECC and SAP S/4HANA. Comarch not only ensures that  thyssenkrupp’s internal systems are connected, but also provides tools to control and monitor all processes.

When seeking the best solution for electronic document exchange, thyssenkrupp invited the biggest industry players to submit tenders. Among them, Comarch best met the company's requirements. Cooperation with such a representative of the automotive industry is doubly productive for us, especially as the successful implementation of this project gives Comarch the opportunity to talk about expanding cooperation into other sectors in which our client operates (elevators, wind turbines, ships and submarines). This poses new, exciting challenges before us – says Sławomir Sajak, Sales Director at Comarch.

thyssenkrupp in the automotive sector

thyssenkrupp is a leading supplier and engineering partner to the international automotive industry. Its products and services include materials, high-tech components and engineering services for automotive customers. In the 2017/18 fiscal year, thyssenkrupp’s sales to the automotive industry totaled around EUR 12 billion.

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