customer satisfaction study sfaTaking care of its customers’ satisfaction, Comarch SFA conducts cyclical quality tests of the products that it offers. We already have the results of this year’s tests (February – April 2016). The results indicate that the main advantages of Comarch’s apps intended for commercial representatives are ergonomics and excellent contact with Comarch employees.

The test, performed on a sample of 130 commercial representatives and 44 back office employees (managers, analysts, directors, etc.), has shown that 94% of users are satisfied with the ergonomics and ease of use of our apps. As many as 95% of respondents claimed that both the contacts with the managers on the side of Comarch and the telephone contact with the Help Desk fulfil their expectations. 

However, the most important statistics refer to the increased number of visited customers. The mobile app encouraged the commercial representatives to visit a number of customer that was higher by 15%. At the same time, the duration of visits was shortened by 11 minutes. After implementation of Comarch SFA systems, the users observed an almost 20% increase in numerical distribution and an 18% increase in user target implementation by app users. According to the respondents, the processing of orders grew by approx. 13%, increasing sales. Every fourth respondent observed increased efficiency of analysis of competition’s activities. Almost every third respondent noticed improvement in management of stock inventory and elimination of out of stock situations.

The obtained results show that the development of products from the Comarch SFA family goes in a good direction. Our customers evaluate cooperation with Comarch positively, along with main features of the apps. We are also pleased with the fact that implementation of our solutions offers real benefits in the area of sale. Thanks to us, the work of commercial representatives becomes more efficient, says Justyna Włodarczyk, Product Manager Comarch SFA.

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