Comarch ECM has released a new version of the system where new functionalities are combined with new graphic design and adapted the system to the new corporate identity. The system can improve the efficiency of the organization through automated capturing of the materials from various sources, efficient document management, and management of business processes, such as planning, monitoring of the process implementation and reporting.

The new corporate identification provides consistent reception of Comarch brand and its products and services by customers and partners. Although usually customization of marketing materials according to the new guidelines attracts much attention, Comarch ECM team also adapted principles of new corporate identity and, as a result, the look of applications undergone a metamorphosis.

The appereance of the application is based on  the principles described in branding book. It’s relatively easy to notice new colors and the use of visual elements (e.g. icons) known from other Comarch’s materials.

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In addition to the changes in design, Comarch ECM also strongly improved the technical side of their solution. As a part of the change, search engines in the process part of the system and in the document repository have been standardized. Now one engine supports both areas (multi-criteria search, the possibility of nesting search criteria). As a result of the improvements, within the workflow part, users can enjoy better navigation, assign permissions dynamically, or preview and manage the tasks of their employees (according to the professional hierarchy). The solution includes also a new multi-format document viewer and facilitates the work in different time zones. The system enables definition of business roles.

Business roles is a tool that makes it possible to better manage the work of people covering for their colleagues. The work of one person holding several roles can be distributed among different employees. In the new version of the ECM it is possible to attribute a part of the responsibilities to an appropriate person, based on his or her role and competences – explains Anna Pers, Product Manager at Comarch ECM.

The new version also allow for creating document templates directly in MS Word. Based on the template, the system generates a form to gather necessary information. In the new version it is not mandatory to have an active internet connection, because the Offline Archive client, will synchronize the documents as soon as the device will be reconnected, e.g. when you return to the office.

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