The Comarch Procure-to-Pay solution made its debut in the Gartner report!

The Comarch Procure-to-Pay solution streamlining the purchasing processes in enterprises has been appreciated by Gartner's specialists and debuted in the latest report "Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay Suites 2018". Comarch has been ranked among niche players on the global market with the potential to achieve the challenger position.


P2P services market

Gartner's report focuses on global suppliers and P2P services market which, according to the authors, are developing at a rapid pace. Gartner estimated the P2P market for 2017 at 2.4 billion dollars and forecasts that in 2025 more than half of medium and large global companies will implement these systems in the cloud model. The popularity of P2P solutions means that suppliers must stand out through innovation, additional modules and functionalities. The "Magic Quadrant for Procure-to-Pay Suites 2018" report distinguishes ten international suppliers, including Comarch, to help organizations choose the best solution for their company's profile.


Position of Comarch

Comarch received a high position in the "Niche player" category, but the company is slowly approaching towards the "Challenger" quarter. Comarch Procure-to-Pay solution has been recognized for positive customer references, the ability to customize the solution to individual business needs, accelerating invoicing and contract processing processes, generating savings in the budget through a favorable billing model and helpful technical support. Gartner also indicates further development opportunities by gaining more references from outside Europe and improving the mobile version of the application.

We are also very surprised and happy. The debut of Comarch Procure-to-Pay solution in Gartner Magic Quadrant is the crowning achievement of our hard work both with the platform itself and with the implementations at clients’ organizations. We have been selected from hundreds of international suppliers. We treat Gartner's complements with enthusiasm, but we also carefully analyze the guidelines that were pointed out. This motivates us to continue the development of Comarch Procure-to-Pay and, I hope, promotion in next year's Magic Quadrant – says Adam Beldzik, Director of E-Invoicing Business Unit at Comarch.


About Gartner Magic Quadrant

This is one of the most important market research series by the American company Gartner Inc., which provides qualitative analysis for markets (including IT), development direction and market position. The main criteria that Garner follows when creating reports are: the completeness of vision and the ability to execute. On this basis, suppliers are put in one part of the square: Leaders, Challengers, Visionaries and Niche players.


About Comarch Procure-to-Pay process

Comarch Procure-to-Pay process combines - e-procurement, e-invoicing and accounts payable invoice automation capabilities into a single and integrated suite. It enables improved collaboration both within your company and with your business partners, thanks to automated document handling and a holistic approach to data exchange, while leveraging financing solutions. As a result, your company, with prompt access to reliable reports, will be more efficient and can choose freely how to optimize working capital. Comarch Procure-to-Pay enables the implementation of procedures for purchasing, increasing the effectiveness of planned expenditure control and simplifying the approval process. At the same time, the solution significantly increases the accuracy of forecasts of financial reserves. Comarch Procure-to-Pay can reduce labor intensity in accounts payable departments, effectively justifying the costs incurred.

Procure To Pay Cycle

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