Comarch Sales Force Applications has created dedicated and innovative solution for iOS and Android platforms.

Complex management of sales processes distinguishes Comarch on the market of sales support solutions. Thanks to this Comarch is chosen by top word brands among FMCG companies. Broad functionality and possibility to manager pre-selling, van-selling or merchandising in both modern and traditional trade allows to use application in all sales channels.  Through recent implementations of Comarch SFA in sales to Foodservice channel made the application even more complex and very unique on the market.   

New features of Comarch SFA for HoReCa channel:

Products advisory –menu recommendations and serving tips which helps in cross-selling and quick ordering in Out-of-home Food and Drinks Consumption channel.

Recipes - Creating, testing and sharing recipes, unique database of raw materials and preproducts, cost calculations which gives you a chance exclusive know-how and knowledge to build the competitive advantage on the market. The functionality also allows you to use new ways for cross –selling in Out of Home areas.

Terms and conditions – pouring contracts, pricelists, customers’ rating helps you to increase margin on sensitive markets.

Promotional activities – planning and execution of promotions, tracking the flow of free goods and durable POS materials helps to control market activities effectiveness.

Mobile application is not only a tool that assists and helps field force, this is also the tool which allows your employee to became an expert with comprehensive knowledge of the business.

Comarch SFA Mobile Sales Force Apps for HoReCa it’s a combination of modern technology, knowledge and experience of our customers in FMCG industry.

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