Comarch Accounts Payable is a solution dedicated to automated and efficient invoice processing. It is part of Comarch’s suite of solutions for e-Invoicing and e-Procurement. A truly comprehensive Accounts Payable solution should support all incoming channels (including paper) while still benefiting from electronic archiving and repository. To achieve this, invoice scanning must be compliant with legal requirements, so that digital copies have full legal validity. In the future, those requirements will be unified across the European Union. Nevertheless, at present it is crucial to confirm them on each market.

Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (AEAT), a Spanish Tax Agency, has the authority to approve Certified Digitization software. Comarch solution is certified, therefore all invoices or other equivalent documents such as tickets captured in Comarch ECM have the same legal validity as paper copies. This permits Comarch to destroy paper copies with the associated cost reductions. Comarch Accounts Payable solution has received full approval in accordance with the Article 8 of the Resolution of 24th October 2007 and following the procedure referred to in the Article 7 of Order EHA / 962/2007 of 10th April 2007. Comarch’s mobile App for document capture has also received the certification.

The Certified Digitization process converts the image on a paper document into a digital image. To comply with AEAT standards, the process must ensure integrity by fully unattended scanning, inserting required metadata and automatically signing the generated PDF’s with a valid digital certificate. The invoice is stored in a digital repository that also fulfills all AEAT requirements regarding security and immediate access in case of an audit. Comarch’s OCR solution provides automated extraction of data from the invoice.

Comarch Accounts Payable and e-Invoicing Platform

Comarch Accounts Payable allows to redesign, streamline and automate processing of documents. The solution eliminates additive inefficiency by automated data capture from multi-channel (paper, email, OCR, EDI), electronic routing, passing collected data through the process, integration with ERPs solutions. Nevertheless, Comarch is supporting e-Invoicing platforms. Comarch’s unique, transactional-based approach to engagement not only collects customer data from emerging channels such as social and mobile, but it also converts that data into purchases – providing comprehensive metrics throughout the process. Comarch’s e-Invoicing ensures compliance of the exchange of e-invoices in accordance with the law. Comarch is a member of EESPA (European e-Invoicing Service Providers Association) and GS1 (International organisation providing Global Standards like EDI – Electronic Data Interchange).

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