Sokpol (one of the leading producers of juices, nectars and beverages) and Comarch have signed an agreement to implement and operate the new version of Comarch ECOD Agent 2.0, a mobile system to support sales representatives.

"The Comarch ECOD Agent 2.0 system was developed based on many years of experience and implementations of SFA, at both home and abroad. Our goal was to develop a system to meet out client's needs, which is easy to implement and rich in additional configurational and functional options. This is another important agreement by Comarch within the scope of sales support in FMCG. The new mobile system, Comarch ECOD Agent 2.0, is already being used by Diageo, a producer and distributor of some of the world's most famous brands of alcohol (including. Johnnie Walker and Smirnoff) and Wawel SA " says Grzegorz Mikuś, Business Solution Manager at Comarch.

Comarch ECOD Agent 2.0, Comarch ECOD Distribution or Business Portal solutions enable sales support and provide many benefits through automation of processes, improvement in the quality of data, cost cutting, saving time as well as in human resources.

"Thanks to Comarch ECOD Agent 2.0, we will gain the ability to acquire information about the sales of our products through the traditional channel. Based on this data we can draw conclusions which will help us react quickly to customer requirements" says Krzysztof Janik, Head of Sales at Sokpol.

Comarch is a provider of innovative IT solutions, including sales process management. Comarch ECOD Agent 2.0 is a complex, professional sales support system of the Sales Force Automation class, which enables the comprehensive servicing of a sales point by mobile sales reps. It is used by many companies, including leaders of the retail & FMCG, DYI and pharmaceutical markets, such as Bacardi Martini, Agros Nova, Mieszko, Navo, Sobieski, Diageo, Effector, Makarony Polskie, Teva (Pliva Kraków) and Wyeth.

Comarch ECOD Agent 2.0 is one of the modules of Comarch ECOD Platform, which is used for the electronic exchange and storage of documents and information between business partners. The platform has been in operation since 2000 and gathers together a community of 13,000 companies from different industries in 30 countries. It is used by Auchan, Metro, Carrefour, Unilever and Lotos, among others.


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